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Modern Metagame

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Since the release of Modern Masters, the resultant 'Modern Week' on the mothership, and the Grand Prix Los Vegas over the weekend, most Magic: the Gathering players have their heads in Modern format.  Before we get any further, we ant to congratulate Neal Oliver who had won with a UWr build at GP Vegas. GP Vegas was a Modern Masters sealed tournament and although attendance was capped at 4,500, it was no problem sending this tournament into the record books as the largest trading card tournament ever held.  Kudos to the event organizer, Cascade Games as well as the small army of MTG Judges who made everything run smoothly.  We suggest you check out this post to the mothership by Nate Price and our buddy James Arnold.

Anywhoos, onto today's topic - the Modern Format Metagame.  We don't play modern nearly enough as we would likely to but we can offer up some general observations of what we consider to be the next most fun format right after EDH / Commander.  There's a great variety of very kewl builds out there that we've seen and have played against at our kitchen table as well as our local gaming shop, OMG! Games, but we can probably take a stab at nailing down the top five more popular builds we've seen as shown here:

Melira Pod, WBG : Featuring cards such as Birthing Pod, Kitchen Finks, and Birds of Paradise

Jund, BRG: Featuring cards such as Liliana of the Veil, Dark Confidant and Thoughtseize

UWR Control, WUR : Featuring cards such as Snapcaster Mage, Electrolyze and Lightning Helix
Gruul Zoo, RG : Featuring cards such as Kird Ape, Goblin Guide, and Tarmogoyf

RG Tron, RG : Featuring cards such as Chromatic Star, Chromatic Sphere and Sylvan Scrying

We here at MTG Realm have a few different builds going in our playgroup with RStomp usually playing an Infect build, JD playing BW tokens, RetroTech playing Combo-Elves, and yours truly (CopySix) playing a G/W hexproof or mono-white Soul Sisters.  Drop us a line in the comment thingy - what Modern tech are you playing?

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Dylan Fick said...

I'm playing UW Fish (Merfolk), because I love the classics. Probably going to slowly phase the Fish deck into Legacy and replace the Modern deck with America Control though.