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M14 Spoilers 6-26

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

As it is Wenesday, here's a link off to a random wiki article for the girl with the same name in the Addams family and a personal note that we think Christina Ricci did a brilliant job at playing this character sent off to summer camp in Addams Family Values.

Anywhoos - let's get along to today's MTG Realm blog post - more Magic: the Gathering news.  This news may or may not be news to you but we're just catching up with some Magic 2014 core set spoilers 'n' previews.

Fist up - RUMORS - unofficial - please only rely upon official previews to the mothersite.  Rumor has it that Darksteel Forge, Millstone and Duress get the tap for reprints in M14.  Here are the card image mock-ups.

Next up - we've known for a while that the buy-a-box promo was to be Ratchet Bomb.  We finally have art for this foil alternate-art promo card.  Expect this puppy to pour the hate on the game table against token builds.

Finally,  at GP Vegas last weekend, we were treated to this lovely lay out of all the basic lands of Magic: 2014.  The arts are of course beautiful but this does leave us with a slight feeling of dread - why?  With the projections offered of the M14 name and number crunch, there really does not seem like there is room for the regular 'check lands' in the non-basic land slots . . . we'll have to wait just another week to see where this finally goes.


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