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Modern Masters Sealed

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

The latest special Magic: the Gathering set, Modern Masters will be hitting store shelves this weekend and we are definitely excited.  We here at MTG Realm don't really draft all that much as our fav format is constructed and dang!, do we ever want to get our paws on some of these crazy-awesome good cards and into a Modern build.

Anywhoos - we can't offer many tips for draft other than this - if you pull a Tarmogoyf, don't pass it as it's worth about $100 or Dark Confidant (aka 'Bob') as it's worth about $60.  What we can suggest is to get to another Magic: the Gathering fan site with less derp than us and more strategy.

Our local store, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land will be running some events this weekend - here's the 4.1.1 -

Modern Masters Sealed
Saturday 8th June, 2013

Registration opens at 11:00am, play starts at 12:30pm
OMG! Games - 130 Bellfarm Rd., Barrie, ON. (705) 721-4263
Cost: $70.00
Prizes: 1st will receive a box of modern masters.  All players recieve $5 off their first Modern Masters Booster Draft.
Format: Six Boosters of Modern Masters Sealed. Modified Swiss pairings with 50 minute timed rounds.

Side Events: Booster Drafts - Draft Queues will be open Saturday June 8th 3pm until 7:30pm and Sunday June 9th 11an until 4pm
Cost: $35
Prizes: 1st - 3 boosters of Modern Masters, 2nd - 1 booster of Modern Masters
Format: Sanctioned 8 player Modern Masters booster draft

Remaining Product will be available for sale Sunday after the start of the final draft.  Last time we checked boxes (24 booster packs each) are going for a reasonable  $275 box + tax, or $15 for a booster.  You could also get 3 boosters for $40 (taxes in)



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