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MTG Maze's End Standard

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope that you had a fun filled weekend full of Magic: the Gathering.  Unfortunately for us here at MTG Realm, evil and ominous misfortune was upon us in the form of 'In-laws' up for the weekend and an empty wallet which played into the hazard when we wanted to grab a bunch of Modern Masters and spend some quality geek time in our lair with said cards.  We've got an order in to MTG Mint Card for some MM singles so we'll get to celebrate our mini-Christmas in a few day's time.

Anywhoos, enough of us whining -  let's get straight onto the point of this title - a fun 'n' funky standard constructed build with Maze's End, the signature rare land card from Dragon's Maze.  We thought this a cunny alt-win piece of jank until we were handed our buttocks with just such a creature-less deck with this weird gem in it.

We suggest you drop on over to read Frank LePore's article on this fun budget build over at TCG Player (pssst - we really like Frank's write-ups).  Essentially, you'll need a full book set of this -
Followed by at least two of each Return to Ravnica guildgate -
Next, you'll need to keep your butt alive long enough to get to that finish line . . .
Essentially, you attempt to blow off any damage to you (no need to worry about critters in your creature-free build), while dropping Guildgates.  This may be accomplished with Clinging Mists, Druid's Deliverance, Fog, Hindervines, Moonmist, Riot Control and Safe Passage.

Uncovered Clues help you get some of the above damage negation spells into your hand and Urban Evolution gives good card draw while allowing you to drop another Guildgate.

Having played against this, we'll have to say it was fun and although we did (barely) win the match, we must admit we were truly rooting for our opponent in this crazy janky 60-card stack - so give it a try at your kitchen table.

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