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DKA PreRelease

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope you were able to get out to a Dark Ascension PreRelease event this past weekend. If not, your second chance is coming with the official release this weekend (February 3rd / 4th) to get your paws and claws into this new Magic the Gathering set. We skipped the midnight prerelease at our local games store, OMG! Games here in Barrie to be all fresh faced ans bushy-tailed for their Saturday morning event. About 35 to 38 players attended the midnight one with several of them coming back the next morning for 10:00 AM to play again with little or no sleep. The Saturday morning event was well attended too but we suspect the latter events in the day were likely packed.

Anywhoos - enough yattering for the moment, here's a vid from the Dark Ascension PreRelease . . .

First up, let's take a look at our rare pulls from the 3 packs Innistrad & 3 packs of Dark Ascension we had to work with to build our 40 card deck . . .

We love both these sets as there is an extra slot in your 15-card booster pack for a double-faced card. Have 9 rares from six booster packs is never a bad thing. The rares were : Huntmaster of the Fells, Snapcaster Mage, Instigator Gang, Nephalia Drownyard, Flayer of the Hatebound, Creeping Reneassainse (foil), Vault of the Archangel, Elder of Laurels, and Ghoultree.

There appeared to be some decent support for a werewolf build in the commons and uncommons so we tried out a red / green build that event included our Creeping Reneassainse. We were also able to pull that uncommon wolf 'lord', Immerwolf which cemented the build nicely. For our fourth and final game, we scrapped out the entire deck to create a blue white build. Hey we love making decks and even tried a few more after we got home with the card pool. At the end of the day, it was 2 wins, 2 loses, and a lot of fun.

WHAT did you pull ?
WHAT cards really stood out in your limited games ?
WHICH cards will make the grade for standard constructed ?

Use the comment thingy below - we want to hear from you.
It is not too late to get in your pre-orders yet. Whether you are thinking about building a vampire, werewolf, zombie, spirit, agrro or control, you'll likely need to get some new cards - Give MTG Mint Card a look.

Stay tuned to MTG Realm,
We still have a lot of catching up to do for Dark Ascension - so many posts, so little time kinda thing.

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buh-roken said...

I pulled a Drogskol Reaver and a Requiem Angel, and my fiance pulled a Sorin and a Liliana! I was also the Zombie Lord for the day and my minions and I proceeded to turn most of the people playing. In all we won a total of 23 packs, good times.