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Dark Ascension Spoiler 4

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Welcome to the official Week 1 previews over on the motherhip. Something about a watched kettle never boils seems to reflect our aniticpation for this second set in the Innistrad block - it felt that Dard Ascension previews would never get here.

Anywhoos - loads of cool cards and beautiful arts from today's post over at Daily MTG - lets get to them now . . .

First up -
Let's have a look at the double-faced checklist card (available in random Dark Ascension packs and the fat packs) - these indicate which double-faced cards we can expect :

Loyal Cathar, Soul Seizer, Chosen of Markov, Ravenous Demon, Afflicted Deserter, Hinterland Hermit, Mondronen Shaman, Lambholt Elder, Scorned Villager, Wolfbitten Captive, Huntmaster of the Fells, Chalic of Life, Elbrus, the Blinding Blade.

Here were the white and blue Dark Ascension previews -
Gather the Townsfolk, Ray of Revelation, Thraben Doomsayer, Increasing Confusion, Soul Seizer // Ghastly Haunting.

Here were the black cards -
Curse of Thirst, Gravecrawler, Ravenous Demon//Archdemon of Greed, Zombie Apocalypse
Here were the red cards -
Mondronen Shaman//Tovolar's Magehunter, Nearheath Stalker
And finally, here were the Dark Ascension Green / Artifact cards from today's previews on the motherhsip -
Hunger of the Howlpack, Strangleroot Geist, Chalice of Life // Chalice of Death.

We'll catch up and start individual card evaluations for all the new Dark Ascension awesomeness as time allows.
If you've already seen enough of the amazing arts, get a pre-order in now to the folks over at MTG Mint Card and pick up some Dark Ascension assorted card lots.

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