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Dark Ascension Spoilers 10

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Another daily post here to MTG Realm and rather a boring ho-hum day. Nah, Just kidding - more Dark Ascension spoilers 'n' previews !!

This second Magic the Gathering set in the Innistrad block has a little bit for everyone. Whether you are a EDH / Commander player, standard constructed, or limited and something for each and every style of player - Timmy, Johnny or Spike. We've been yattering to some non-Magic players who are gothic / horror fans who have taken an interest as well. Anywhoos - enough yattering, let's get on with today's reveals from Wizards and friends . . .

Grafdigger's Cage, 1
Artifact, Rare
Creature cards can't enter the battlefield from graveyards or libraries.
Players can't cast cards in graveyards or libraries.

With all the graveyard shenanigans in Innistrad, players may want to consider this defence against an opponent who relies too heavily on their graveyard as a resource. Couple this with Trinket Mage, and now you heap some hate on flashback, undying, Snapcaster Mage, muzzles Sorin's Ultimate, etc. This nasty little artifact hoses a lot of GY tech and as a result we expect some artifact destruction capability occupying a larger spot in sideboards, or at the very least Menta Misstep.

Predator Ooze,
Creature - Ooze, Rare
Predator Ooze is indestructible.
Whenever Predator Ooze attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it.
Whenever a creature dealt damage by Predator Ooze this turn dies, put a +1/+1 counter on Predator Ooze

Someone at Wizards made a mistake - This ooze seems more a mythic to us than Vorapede does. If not squished early (Dead Weight, etc.), this cute little ooze promises to grow from a resilent chump blocker to an ever-growing monster in search of trample or something similar along the lines of the fight tech.

Feed the Pack, 5
Enchantment, Rare
At the beginning of your end step, you may sacrifice a nontoken creature. If you do, put X 2/2 green Wolf creature tokens onto the battlefield where X is the sacrificed creature's toughness.

Feed the Pack should have really been called 'undying shenanigans' as most players will look beyond the Perilous Myr type of sac and start feasting on creatures with the Undying tech like Strangleroot Geist. Hopefully there will be some low cost undying cards yet to come, or ramp to get an udying fatty and this enchantment out early for a proper dangerous wolf pack.

Hellrider, 2
Creature - Devil, Rare
Whenever a creature you control attacks, Hellrider deals 1 damage to defending player.

We can imagine this could be quite dangerous when coupled with an alpha token swing. We think Wizards could have pushed the design a titch futher by giving Hellrider the ability to ping the defending player or a creature that player controls. Red deckers might like this.

There were a few others out as well including Chant of the Skifsang, Deadly Allure, and Warden of the Wall. If you are unable to read Chant of the Skifsang, don't worry - its in German. Basically, this aura will shut down a creature by giving it -13/-0.

Start planning your Dark Ascension pre-orders while you contemplate new brews. We're looking at Sorin right now. We suggest you drop on over to MTG Mint Card who now have their Dark Ascension singles up as well as some very cool UltraPro products.

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