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Tezzeret Besiged

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We're certain you have already heard the rumours about a new Tezzeret variant in the next Magic the Gathering set, Mirrodin Beseiged. Today we take a poke at this rumour and leave it to you to evaluate.

First off, none will deny that the Scars of Mirrodin block is 'artifact-centric', that is to say, one would not be able to swing a Masticore and not hit an artifact on this plane. Secondly, we know from experience that we should expect another two 'one-off' planeswalkers in the second set of this block.

There is, of course, no knowing what form or abilities that those planeswalkers may take but we will concur that the Planeswalker from Shards of Alara, Tezzeret the Seeker would fit in rather nicely into this block as he is the go-to artificer of choice for just such a venture. It can also go without saying that Tezzeret occupies a spot near the heart of many players and MTG novel readers alike. The recent Planeswalker Novel, Test of Metal by Matthew Stover went over rather well with the fans we think.

Given all of this, it was a rather accepting MTG fan community which took the rumours of a new Tezzeret quite warmly. Forums Magic l'assemblée member, klimt on Magic Trade posted this piece of news . . .

Voici une image qui va plaire a beaucoup de personnes.
Je ne sais pas si elle apparaitra dans Mirrodin Besieged, mais cela laisse présager que de bonnes choses.
Je suis tombé sur une image dans le recueil d'illustrations d'Aleksi Briclot. Elle va surement faire couler beaucoup d'encre et surtout, elle est tout simplement magnifique:
Pour le plaisir des yeux et pour ceux que cela intéresse, voici l'image telle qu'elle apparaît dans le livre worlds and wonders d'Aleksi Briclot.

We are not altogether sold that a new Tezzeret will be in the next set or that the image provided by klimt from allegedly from Aleksi Briclot's new book, Worlds and Wonders will be featured in the next set. For now, pipe in with your speculation and in the meantime, take a look at a vid pumping the sale of this great new book featuring the wonderful art . .

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elcon said...

It looks like... UR? Something just not right. But I like it.