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Path of the PW 2

Happy Tuesday MTG Peeps

The upcoming Magic: the Gathering graphic novel Path of the Planeswalker II is now available for preorder from your favourite online book retailer. Some good news, this novel, originally listed for $20.50 here in Canada on Chapters-Indigo has now been marked down to $15.88. marked down from $20.50. Our cousins south of the border in the States will of course pay a few dollars less for this.

Here is the shiznat from corporate . . .
"Following the success of Path of the Planeswalker, the latest collection of Magic: The Gathering''s® immensely popular Web comic series tops the original in style and concept.

United by their ability to bridge the chaotic gap between worlds, and set apart by that same unfathomable power, Planeswalkers wander the Multiverse in an endless quest for knowledge and power. The life of a Planeswalker is one of infinite possibility, of self-determination free from the mundane boundaries of a single world, but sometimes the gift of choice can be the greatest burden."
Path of the Planeswalker II will feature 160 color pages and will be published on May 24, 2011.

. . . and the details
Imprint: Wizards of the Coast
Country of origin: United States
Series: Planeswalker Novel
Release date: 24 May 2011
First published: May 2011
Authors: Doug Beyer • Brady Dommermuth • Jenna Helland
Format: Paperback - Trade
Pages: 160
ISBN-13: 978-0-7869-5852-8
Categories: Fantasy
Graphic novels
LSN: 0-7869-5852-9

Also, catching up with some news across the seas in the land of the rising sun. MTG Japan, the genitor of so much kewl MTG promos, indicates that there will be a foil Japanese promo of of Kuldotha Phoenix to be sold with a new Chandra manga comic book. Sales started November 27th, 2010 and this will be called Book 1 and it contains several of the stories/comics that were first published in the Dengeki Maou magazine earlier this year.

で連載中のマジック漫画『マジック:ザ・ギャザリング 燃え尽きぬ炎』、この単行本が11月27日(土)に発売される。


The following image from Eric (aka ThisSatori) living in Japan


Finally, if you have not already, look into getting singles from the classy all-foil premium deck series Fire & Lightning, look no further that MTG Mint Card.


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