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Scars Promo Lands

Happy Thursday MTG fans,

We have news that artist extraordinaire, John Avon had been tapped by Wizards to execute some MPS promo lands for the latest Magic the Gathering set, Scars of Mirrodin. Check out these very impressive arts . . .

We last posted about MPS promos way back in November, 2008 when a series of Shards of Alara lands were produced. MPS stands for Magic Premier Shop (and may occasionally be referred to as Magic Pacific Series). These are distributed to mainly Japanese premier MTG stores where they are provided as prizes for Wizards Play Network events (Friday Night Magic, Elder Dragon Highlander and Booster Draft play). Here are two examples of an MPS promo - a good list of other similar MPS promos may be found on the excellent Magic Librarities site.

The MPS promos are typically all lands (not full art sorry), have text identifying the land, has a Guild Symbol (Ravinca Guilds), and the Guild name in English. Here is a quick run-down of of Guild names / symbols if you are so interested . . .

Azorius Senate (/)
Orzhov Syndicate (/)
House Dimir (/)
Izzet League (/)
Cult of Rakdos (/)
Golgari Swarm (/)
Gruul Clans (/)
Boros Legion (/)
Selesnya Conclave (/)
Simic Combine (/)

Finally - some news from MTG Mint Card - A decent deal where one may purchase any Scars of Mirrodin Card Sets, and score 2 packs of UltraPro 50 Deck Protector Sleeve for FREE. Move fast as this is good only until November 6th. Details here.


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