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Magic Player Rewards

Wizards of the Coast has decided to end the Magic: the Gathering Magic Player Rewards (MPR) program.A The Magic Player Rewards program rewarded participants of DCI sanctioned events with promotional Magic: the Gathering cards for competing in a set number of events. Very unfortunately, according to this post the Magic Player Rewards Program has been discontinued. We here at MTG Realm hope that the new and exciting Magic play experiences promised to replace this very cool program is, well, new and exciting . . .

After a rigorous evaluation, Wizards of the Coast has decided to eliminate the Magic Player Rewards Program. It is important to us to provide you, the player, with the best possible Magic: The Gathering experiences. In this case we are redirecting these resources to increase our player support for local organized play programs. The December 2010 mailing will be the final MPR mailing and will include extra cards in addition to the cards you would have normally received. This mailing will encompass all reported tournament activity through November 15, 2010. We appreciate the dedication of our fans and look forward to providing new and exciting Magic play experiences.
The Magic Player Rewards program was created on May 21st, 2001 to make DCI sanctioned tournaments more attractive. The program is open to everyone. Once registered, each participant receives a membership card, and every attendance on a DCI sanctioned tournament is recorded.
Magic Player Rewards participants receive benefits for each increment of 5 and 20 tournaments listed in the DCI database under their DCI number.

For every 5 tournaments, you receive 1 random new textless spell and 1 random older card wrapped together; and
For every 20 events, you receive a premium foil card.

Here's some recent promos provided by the program . .

(Foil) Lightning Bolt, illustrated by VĂ©ronique Meignaud
Cancel, illustrated by Izzy
Sign in Blood, illustrated by Alan Pollack
Infest, illustrated by Pete Venters
Volcanic Fallout, illustrated by Jim Pavelec
Celestial Purge, illustrated by Nils Hamm
Bituminous Blast, illustrated by Aleksi Briclot
Burst Lightning, illustrated by Jung Park
Harrow, illustrated by Lars Grant-West

(Foil) Day of Judgment illustrated by Svetlin Velinov
Brave the Elements, illustrated by Kekai Kotaki
Doom Blade, illustrated by Carl Critchlow


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Boooooh! What are they all doing there at WOTC? Two recent changes that do suck :(