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Myr Ball

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

It's rainy and cold up here in Canada-Land which gives us plenty of opportunity not to go outside and play but to stay inside and give thought to developing the next coolest casual Magic the Gathering Deck.

There have been quite a number of decklists we've seen building around the new Scars of Mirrodin Myr and we first started to give it some serious thought last month in this post. Some lists are mono-white, some red-white and others almost every colour in the rainbow. We should think that this decision is best left to you as you consider supporting cards for your ball 'o' myr and your local meta-game.


We've just about de-listed Tempered Steel for a pump and have decided that the best course would be Steel Overseer whose effects are repeatable and can be scaled to your available mana. We've done rather well in several games before the SoM release using the Overseer and Voltaic Key to puke +1/+1 counters on a group of underwhelming critters (some literal funny slang - machine à percer or boring machines).

We've decided eventually to take an unconventional path (we never take the popular routes) and attempt some limited Myr token generation with Myrsmith and Origin Spellbomb to move into an Eldrazi Monument flavour. The monument will pump 'em +1/+1 and give them indestructibility. Other pumps are provided by Myr Galavanizer, and of course Steel Overseer. Taking advantage of Eldrazi Monument, we felt it apropos to to have a quasi- one-sided wrath with a Day of Judgment.

As we like recursion, and could not fit Sun Titan comfortably into the deck, we went with Salvage Scout who is more than willing to take a dirt nap while chucking out an artifact fatty from the graveyard.

Also - just because we love the flavour text on Lux Cannon, we invited him to the deck party as well. As we did not want anyone to crash the party, we are considering Indomitable Archangel to act as bouncer and provide a metalcraft-enabled shroud for our artifact dudes.

Lastly, the Battlesphere - yep - it is so bombtastic, we decided to play only foils in this build. It rolls and collects myrs and 7 mana not only provides the 4/7 construct but 4 1/ myr dudes too. The awesome sauce here is that it will burn your opponent as well for the additional number of tapped myr you bring to the party.

Anywhoos - drop us a line or comment below and tell us how you built your Myr-centric deck.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten everything together to actually build and test this, but here's my theoretical list as a starting off point.

4 Gold Myr
4 Myrsmith
4 Steel Overseer
4 Myr Galvanizer
4 Palladium Myr
4 Myr Battlesphere

4 Tempered Steel
3 Origin Spellbomb
3 Glint Hawk Idol
2 Eldrazi Monument

22 Plains
2 Emeria Ruins

I have a feeling this might be too many lands, but I don't want to cut lands until I playtest. Still, with 8 mana-myr, it should be more than enough.

Sideboard would probably be along these lines:

2 Indomitable Archangel
2 Linvala, Keeper of Silence
3 Day of Judgement
4 Revoke Existance
4 Salvage Scout

Linvala just screws opposing Myr decks or anything running mana elves. I like you Salvage Scout tech - seems pretty good, but I'd have to see it in action to be sold 100%.