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Mirrodin SWAG !

Date : 10/26/2010
Location : MTG Secret Lair disguised as a typical residential property

(Ding-Dong!) (peeks through window to ensure it isn't Duane Chapman, 'Dog' the Bounty Hunter, Boba Fett or my parole officer. It appears to be a Fed Ex delivery dude. Cautiously opens door)

Me : G'Day eh.

FedEx guy : Yeah. How ya doing? erm . . . 'Copy' . . 'Six', umm . . 'MTG Realm' ?

Me : Yep - That's me.

FedEx guy : Good. Package delivery.

Me : Dang that fast - I just got the on-line order confirmation from Fredericks of Hollywood yesterday.

FedEx guy : Uhh . . nope. It's from Wizards of . . . umm Seattle.

Me : (jumping) OMG, OMG, OMG - it's the Mirrodin Lunchbox ! Awesome Sauce ! OMG !

FedEx guy : yeah . . . OK. Right - sign here . . not 'copy' whatever - your real name please.

Me : OK. Totally cool. I use CopySix as an on-line handle - there's a lot phreaks out there.

FedEx guy : (mumbling quietly) There's a lot of freaks here too.

Me : Sorry - what ?

FedEx guy : Nothing - thanks. Have a great day.

Me : You too. OMG ! - Mirrodin Lunch Box NOM NOM NOM !

FedEx guy : (now running back to his delivery truck)

You may recall our very recent post from last Friday. Wizards of the Coast sent MTG Realm some krazy kewl swag. Here's the Scars of Mirrodin Lunch Box full of sweet Magic the Gathering goodness and topped with awesome sauce. MTG Realm will be giving some of this away in future contests on the site.

Here are the pulls from the packs which will be making its way down via a trade binder to Friday Night Magic : Chimeric Mass, Inexorable Tide, Kuldotha Phoenix, Memoricide, Molten Psyche, Myr Reservoir, Mox Opal, Precursor Golem, Shape Anew, Tempered Steel, Tower of Calamities and True Conviction.

Finally - some news from MTG Mint Card - A decent deal where one may purchase any Scars of Mirrodin Card Sets, and score 2 packs of UltraPro 50 Deck Protector Sleeve for FREE. Move fast as this is good only until November 6th. Details here.


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