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Tuktuk Hates Artifacts

Good Day MTG folks,

Happy Thursday to the lot of you. In today's post, we will yatter a bit about our thoughts about an artifact hate deck. To say that Scars of Mirrodin has artifacts may be an understatement - there's a truck ton of artifacts in Scars and it just dumped on the standard environment.

Smart Players will of course have the appropriate cards in the sideboard (or perhaps mainboard depending upon your local metagame) such as Manic Vandals, Shatter, or Naturalize but we strongly believe in reduce, re-use and recycle when it comes to our fav game.

To that end, we dusted off a casual Ally build we had half built some time ago (our place is full of half completed decks waiting to be completed), and with a little manipulation we inserted a deck set of Tuktuk Scapper which only a few short weeks ago was un-trade-able (is that a real word?) but with Scars of Mirrodin, we were assured quite a fireworks show of blowing up artifacts when our allies hit the table. Join The Ranks is not very well liked (4 mana for two 1/1 s is not good) but it is a great instant one could use to trigger an Ally effect in repsonse to a spell your opponent just dropped - the trick is to ensure you left mana open for it.

Anywhoos, we liked what we saw with this red-white build but soon realised that it was mostly just white Allies with only Tuktuk as the single odd goblin with a pick-axe at the Ally kegger party. A little further searching in our binders, we came across Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs and Rage Nimbus which were sitting side by each. It took several longs moments (yep - we're slow as winter molasses most days) and then we thought we smelled sweet synergy. Using Rage Nimbus, we force an vulnerable creature on the opponent's side to attack and then threaten to drop 3/3 Ogre tokens unless they pay - not bad we thought.

Right -
Drop us a line a tell us how you would attempt a casual artifact hate build using Allies or by a completely different method altogether.

Lastly, if you were not aware, MTG Mint Card has some very kewl Scars of Mirrodin foil singles as foil basic lands available - check 'em out.

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