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Happy Tuesday folks,

Intereresting bit of MTG news from Monty today on Magic Arcana. This piece of Magic the Gathering news was somewhat expected - regarding playing either Mirran or Phyrexian factions during the Mirrodin Besieged Prerelease Event scheduled for January 29-30, 2011.

What was not expected was that participants would be provided three regular Scars of Mirrodin booster packs and their choice of three Mirran boosters or three Phyrexian boosters. Monty indicated that there will be two different prerelease promo cards provided for the prerelease corresponding to either Mirran or Phyrexian.

Very cool indeed. Some punters are already bantering about whether or not to open these special once-only booster packs or to keep 'em sealed and sell them to collectors latter. Choosing the latter of course would result in a net loss of fun in participating in said pre-release and we here at MTG Realm are about fun.

Also of note - in case you are pimping your EDH deck or cube with the awesome that is foil, check out MTG Mint Card which just restocked a bunch of Scars of Mirrodin foils.


Speaking of Monty, we would be remiss in our MTG blog duties if we do not make mention of Monty's post yesterday (we were enjoying Thanksgiving up here in Canada-Land). Anywhoos - looks like we have another Duel Decks announcement - have a look at Knights vs. Dragons . . .

The greatest knights have gathered together to once and for all end the reign of terror that has plagued their lands for centuries. Holy paladins, noble cavaliers, and swift skyhunters all answer the call to hunt dragons to the death and restore order to the realm.

For dragonkind, the answer is simple—incinerate the invaders! Enraged goblin minions pour from the mountain crags to repel the intruders, but that’s only to give the majestic hellkites time to take to the skies and unleash a firestorm that no knight could hope to survive.

A world hangs in the balance. Will you enter the battle under the banner of purity and order or will you plunge the land into chaos and dragonfire?

Deck Design and Development: Chris Millar and Zac Hill
Languages Available: English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish
Release Date: April 1, 2011
MSRP: $19.99

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