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Anxiously Waiting

Good Day MTG peoples,

You may have noticed the title of today's post, 'Anxiously Waiting'. We are, like many of you, in the middle of that imaginary and much fretful place of limbo in between the official release of a set (Scars of Mirrodin in this case), and the time where your internet orders come in. Please do not have any misconception - we love and support our local bricks 'n' mortar store and do purchase our Fat Packs there (~$45) as well as a booster pack ($5) every two weeks when we go to FNM (as well as a bunch of ad-hoc singles) but we have needs too and cannot be pinned down in just one relationship - yep - it's the dark world of commercial retail polygamy.

Anywhoos - back on track. We are waiting for our cards to come in from Orlando as well as Hong Kong. Both of these surprisingly will arrive at the local post office within a day of each other as well approximately 2 weeks after the official release. That is why we are anxiously awaiting its arrival - perhaps not the best word - we know they without fail will be delivered - it's just that delivery could take only 48 hours and we would still be climbing the walls.

Anywhoos - we had a bit of extra cash and got ourselves (for the first time) an actual sorted set - specifically, a Scars of Mirrodin 4 x Uncommon and 4 x Common Set which means no more calling buddies at an unsavoury time of 1 in the morning inquiring whether we could pop by and pick up an extra card or two from them. Right, you get the idea. Our casual magic buddy Norm had been a proponent of set purchases for some time and we finally took his advice.

To torture me (I strongly suspect this), the folks at MTG Mint card put together this video of just such a set order . . .

The next video here, again from MTG Mint Card is just pure cardboard p0rn - we don't want to become the next great mtg designer - we want a job (just for the day) when these guys get to handle the new cardboard when it comes into the office.

yeah - some of those Mythic Rares are just jank but dang! most of them certainly are not and we would (almost) be willing to give a left walnut to own 'em.

While we continue waiting for the pre-orders to come in, we will hatch plans and develop all sort of nutty and crazy builds with sixty cards.


Anonymous said...

Can you please let us know which brick and mortar as well as online card stores you support? Interesting to find out, especially the one from Hong Kong

James said...

I was under the impression that in-print magic sealed product cannot be shipped internationally(as per vendor agreements with wizards), although it can be shipped after-market.

Who are you ordering from in hong-kong? Are they reliable? Are the prices much better than local?

CopySix said...

No-one said anything about sealed product. It is all singles guys.