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M10 Sneak Peak

Hello again readers, I am safely returned from New York City and blogging once again. The first thing I wanted to yatter about is the Magic 2010 Sneak Peek, as seen on Magic Arcana today. As we head into the last week of June, WoTC will be providing two full week of MTG card spoilers prior to the pre-release on July 11th / 12th, and Launch Parties on July 17th / 19th.

I am very certain I recently saw the image of the very beautiful 'river girl' on the back of this Magic 2010 Booster Box, but can't place it at the moment - I may look back into previous posts. Anywho - With two pieces of art also stapled to this M10 sneak peek, the speculators are already getting into character.

I will have a kick at the can as well . . . My guess - based solely on my un-caffeinated and blurry-eyed visual observations - M10 will have the Circle of Protection reprints . . . (maybe) . . :-)

- NewsFlash -

San Francisco, May4, 2009 – Power 9 Pro, makers of the Dragon’s Egg, the first carrying case designed specifically for tournament play, announced a spoiler contest for their new product scheduled to be released later this quarter. Check out the details on the WEBSITE.

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Anonymous said...

Glad your back safe and sound. Were you able to get what you were looking for in NYC? I'm planning on going to the big apple myself sometime in the next month or so.