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FNM Promos 2009

Good Day my peeps. If you are like me and so happen to live near an urban center which say perhaps has a store that hosts Friday Night Magic events, then you must get fairly enthusiastic about the potential of winning a DCI Friday Night Magic promotional card. FNM Promos are cool . . . perhaps not as cool as a Magic the Gathering Stonehenge replica constructed from MTG packs but still cool none the less.

Some recent promos however did not go over huge with my fellow FNM players . . . in fact there was something of sushi joke every Friday during May. Apparently Merrow Reejerey warranted some level of unprecedented cruelness - Players obtaining this DCI promo would get cheered on by the rabble to slice 'n' dice poor Mr. Reejery. :-(

Anywhoos - if you reside under a rock, here is the FNM factoid . . . Each month a different FOIL card will be given out. The cards feature the FNM logo in the text box and many have original flavor text and updated wordings. Below are the promos for the first six months in 2009 :

January : Magna Jet

Feburary : Myr Enforcer

March : Kitchen Finks

April : Merrow Reejerey

May : Wren's Run Vanquisher
I happen to have TWO of these - want to trade ? - Visit CCG Tradepost.

June : Mulldrifter
Totally kewl art on this !
Previous FNM promos may be found HERE.

Alternatively, had a look at this website for previous FNM, and a load other promotional cards including tokens, check out this Japanese LINK.

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Nicholas Davis said...

Very nice! I'm looking forward to a Mulldrifter or two.