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Deranged Deck Design #1

For some odd reason that could only be understood by a fevered and unwell mind, I decided to explore the theoretical probabilities of a game win with Mayael's Aria - you know - that new geeky Alara Reborn card that no-one is really paying any attention to. Well, if you don't know, this enchantment provides +1/+1 counters to each creature you control provided that you already have a creature with a power of 5 or better. Additionally, it also pumps your life by 10 if you control a creature with a power of 10 or better. This card's bomb text resides within the last sentence . . . "you win the game if you control a creature with power 20 or greater".

Now that we have a clearly defined objective (making fatties), let's take a look a the game plan. If one were to have a sinfully gluttonous mana pool readily available to transform a creature from fatty to stupid-huge fatty, this may just work. With Apocalypse Hydra and Sigil of Distinction, a player would be able to dump a potentially unlimited volume of mana to produce said fatty with power 20 or greater to meet the game win condition.

Mana now is our focus. With Noble Hierarch, Druid of the Anima and particularly Knotvine Mystic, one may be able to culture an enviable pool of available mana which may be then dumped into the Sigil of Distinction or Apocalypse Hydra.

Having a quick jump start into the red zone or having available defenders is also sage advice. To this end, Bant Sureblade and Esper Stormblade are available. These two provide a solid first strike and flying creature which is certain to give your opponent pause especially if they are both pumped up to a highly desirable 6/5 by Knight of New Alara.

The blades become 6/5 critter.
Woolly Thoctar becomes a 8/7 beater
Whoa, Wha ?

As for the sideboard, we have to make allowances for Wrath of God and Timmy effects which may be accomplished with the likes of Mark of Asylum and Dauntless Escort.

5 x Mountain
5 x Forest
5 x Plains
4 x Jungle Shrine

4 x Noble Hierarch
3 x Bant Sureblade
3 x Esper Stormblade
4 x Druid of the Anima
4 x Oblivion Ring
4 x Mayael's Aria
3 x Knotvine Mystic
4 x Woolly Thoctar
4 x Knight of New Alara
4 x Sigil of Distinction
4 x Apocalypse Hydra

4 x Mark of Asylum
3 x Cancel
4 x Seaside Citadel
4 x Dauntless Escort

Please feel free to leave a comment as to your opinion if this is likely to go to the top during a Friday Night Magic or other casual MTG event.


cursed said...

I wouldn't play the stormblades, the jund hackblades are much better than this one

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Soul's Might. If you have a Thoctar in play and can draw two Soul's Might you are going to win. Also might want to consider Idyllic Tutor to get the enchantments you need.

What about this strategy: Play some token generators and wait to drop a Thunder-Thrash Elder. He can devour all your mana accelerators and you can play a Soul's Might same turn for the win out of no where. That seems like a really good idea actually.

Anonymous said...

Also Colossal Might could easily fit into this deck...

CopySix said...

I am not altogether sure about Colossal Might as Mayael's Aria checks only at the beginning of your upkeep - as such, the Colossal Might instant may not do it.
Soul's Might may do a very nice job indeed in doubling up the creature's power - this may be the perfect finisher provided you still have the 5 mana for it (curse you Realm Razor!). :-)

CopySix said...

I think I may play test my deck here using 'Cradle of Vitality' to get the counters from life gain each turn provided by Mayael's Aria . . . hey - could work.

Lukioptyx said...

What about Keeper of Progenitus for even more mana generation to get bigger hydras. And don't forget the Feral Hydra is also an X creature that can pump each turn for 3.

Anonymous said...

Bloodhall Ooze might be a great card too.

Anonymous said...

i personally would remove the stormblades for bloodbraid, which would potentially let you cascade out anyone of over half the cards in your deck.

shadowist said...

Since u only hav 1 fragile Noble Heirarch, it's probably not such a good idea 2 run Esper stormblade. I mAd a similar deck running:
4 Druid of the Anima
4 Sanctellum Godspeaker
4 Mossbridge Troll
4 Wooly Thoctar
2 Keeper of Progenitus
4 Paleoth (4 any troll or Godspeaker th@ hits the grave)
4 Wild Leotau

4 Mayael's Aria
4 Mage Slayer
2 Where Ancients Tread
4 Trace of Abundance

4 Jungle Shrine
9 F
4 M
3 P
Plz comment

jazz said...

just put in maybe mossbridge troll. if it was a 5 color deck you could put in szadek lord of secrets, or some hydras. also use a combo that me and my friend came up with.

elvish abberation taps to add 3F to your mana pool. if you put umbral mantle on elvish abberation you can make the creature as powerful as you want. umbral mantle uses that 3 mana and untaps the creature to give it +2+2 see the combo in that?