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Grand Prix Seattle

Grand Prix - Seattle/Tacoma is just around the corner folks. Here is some info if you are planning to attend this event . . .


Wizards of the Coast celebrates the birthplace of Magic: The Gathering with a Grand Prix hosted in the greater Puget Sound. The event takes place May 30-31 in Tacoma. At the end of the weekend, the tournament winner will walk home with $3,500.

If you are participating in the main event, you score a free tournament promo card - 'Chrome Mox' (while supplies last).

Also - If you are one among the first 500 players to register for the GP will get an exclusive GP Seattle playmat !

If you aren’t competing in the main event, take it to the public events where players can compete for cash prizes and MTG products. For those who just love art, there will be eight amazing artists on site. The list includes rk post, Rob Alexander, Mark Tedin, Pete Venters, Mike Dringenberg, Franz Vohwinkel, Chuck Lukacs, and Corey Macourek. Special guest includes Richard Garfield (the father of Magic the Gathering).

Main Event
Participation Fee: $30

Registration and Schedule
Friday, May 29:
Main Event Registration - 2:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Saturday, May 30:
Main Event Registration - 7:00 am - 9:00 am
Saturday, May 30: Tournament begins at 9:30 am
Sunday, May 31: Day Two begins 9:00 am

The main tournament at Grand Prix – Seattle is open to Magic players of all ages.

Tournament Format
* Standard Constructed
* Deck lists are required
* Players must use the same deck on Day 2 that they used on Day 1

Here are the details for all the events from Cascade Games who are this event's host / organizer.
> apologies for the bulky spreadsheet - Please use your arrow keys to navigate ->

Good luck to all the attendees ! - Please send along any stories / photos you may have from this event to CopySix [at] gmail [dot] com

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Jacob said...

Ill be attending with my boy Leaf on Saturday. We'll have a full write up over at my site but I'll send ya some pix ASAP!

Hope to see you all there!