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Here is yet another post of something I am working on but have not yet playtested so perhaps the title is somewhat misleading. Anywho, I was rather fascinated about Sigil of the Empty Throne and it's ability to generate 4/4 flying white Angel tokens.
To take full advantage of this card's ability, I would need to maximize on the number of enchantments in the deck which of course would reduce the number of creatures one would be able to find a spot for. To this end, I needed to ensure that the creatures I did field were able to give the most 'bang for the mana' and decided that if I were effect any sort of damage to my opponent with the limited number of creatures, I would need to carefully evaluate my options.
I looked to one of my favourite mechanics, 'unblockable'. Steel of the Godhead was a good fit and also provided an enchantment to feed into Sigil of the Empty Throne. Jhessian Balmgiver also provided a good fit for this. Of course, anytime I am looking at an unblockable creature, I cannot stop myself from throwing a Quitus Spike into the mix . . . this is just fun (or nasty - depending upon which side of the table you are on).

The greatest threat to this deck (especially at my FNM) is burn and to a lesser degree control. To ensure that there was some protection from all the red burn out there, Mark of Asylum presented a good fit. Likewise, if I went up against a control deck with removal or bounce, I needed something else. Greater Auramancy provided the best answer for this. Not only did this also provide another potential 4/4 Angel token, but more importantly, it provided the shroud I needed to move my evil agenda forward.
Let's have a look at what I have to date. I'll remind you again, it has not playtested and I should fully expect a number of changes to it.

12 Creatures
4 x Zealous Guardian
4 x Vedalken Outlander
4 x Jhessian Balmgiver

24 Other Spells
4 x Path to Exile
4 x Greater Auramancy
4 x Oblivion Ring
4 x Steel of the Godhead
4 x Quietus Spike
4 x Sigil of the Empty Throne

24 Land
16 Plains
8 Islands

4 x Asha's Favor
4 x Mark of Asylum
+ ? ? ? ?

If you have any suggestions that could help me out, please leave a comment - it would be greatly appreciated.


Okcaw said...

What about Shimmering Wings? Would be a nice way to create your Angels isn't it?

Nicholas Davis said...

Lookin good! A guy on had a great start which tailored more to a White-Green deck. Start out with a manaramp using cards like Fertile Ground, then start making angels asap.

I'm a little torn whether I want to do a full Bant deal, or if I want to give a mono-white Soldier / Angel deck. So far I've got Knight of the White Orchard, Armored Ascension, O-rings and other piddly stuff. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking of Aspect of the Mongoose but that is a Timespiral card. I keep thinking Doubling Season but that belongs to Ravnica.

What if you went green and played Yavimaya Enchantress... ok that is all I have for green.

Here are some real ideas:
Ashling's Prerogative, Cream of the Crop, Declaration of Naught, Endless Horizons, maybe Forced Fruition, Glorious Anthem, Helix Pinnacle, High Ground, Memory Erosion, Mirror Sheen (could help against burn), Rise of the Hobgoblins, Runed Halo, Story Circle, Sunken Hope could be cool if you find a creature to return to your hand, and of course don't forget about Enchanted Evening. This will hit home runs out of the park.

Anyway there are a lot of interesting options, especially if you want to think about a third color.

J. W. Gray said...

I would go for a control deck. Runed Halo and Story Circle would then be used. Perhaps Rise of the Hobgoblins.