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Conflux Combos

Well, it seems that most of the popular forums and MTG fan sites are feverishly working away at churning out combinations for the new Conflux set. As I am one for jumping on any band-wagon, here is my post and will include both combinations and solid synergies. These combinations involve only cards from the current standard game (Shards of Alara, Conflux // Shadowmoor, Eventide // Lorwyn, Morningtide // and Tenth Edition).

I for one would rather prefer a healthy amount of synergy (a large network of card interactions) in a constructed deck rather than a limited number of card combinations which will cripple your opponent or win the game. This said, if you can get both of these within your 60-card deck of win, the better. So buckle up, and lets go . . .
Get Charnelhoard Wurm out in play and then drop Soul's Fire which will have the Wurm blast your opponent for 6 pain. This then triggers the Wurm's ability, and allows you to return Soul's Fire to your hand to rinse and repeat. For just 3 mana, this is economic and effective - Just ensure Charnelhoard stays in play.

Master Transmuter is in play. Play Tidehollow Sculler. In response to Tidehollow Sculler's 'comes into play' ability, use Master Transmuter to return it to your hand, and then return it to play. The 'stack' should now looks like this:
Tidehollow Sculler 'comes into play' #2
Tidehollow Sculler 'leaves play' #1
Tidehollow Sculler 'comes into play' #1
As such, you wind up permanently removing a card in your opponent's hand from the game, and removing another one which stays under Tidehollow Sculler until it next leaves play. You can do this each time during your opponent's draw steps, prior to their main phase and check to see whether you want to change the card the Sculler took.

After Sigil of the Empty Throne is in play, cast Shimmering Wings. This produces a 4/4 Angel token for you. Next turn (or if you have the mana for it this turn), pay another blue mana to return the Wings to your hand and promptly play it again. Essentially, you are getting a very lovely 4/4 flying Angel for only two blue mana . . . very nice.

To help you capitalise on the (almost) new Domain mechanic, use Prismatic Omen from Shadowmoor. When the Omen is on the board, all your lands become every basic land type which means it's Happy Rainbow Time. All your Domain cards now obtain the fullest benefits possible with the Omen. I fully expect to see some named net-deck called 'Ominous Rainbow'. Ensure you review and consider all of Conflux's 10 Domain cards for inclusion : Might of Alara, Worldly Counsel, Aven Trailblazer, Drag Down, Matca Rioters, Wandering Goblins, Exploding Borders, Manaforce Mace, Spore Burst, Voices from the Void.

I am certain I will have more for you as we all start playing with this awesome new set. Be careful about other Conflux combos you hear about unless they have been vetted through a rules advisor and approved for kick-a$$ery . . . some just don't work or will only work under limited circumstances.


Scott Simmons said...

Master transmuter is so broken. With transmuter, thousand-year elixir, and glaze fiend in play, drop a bone saw, transmute it for a parasitic strix, drop the bone saw again, use the elixir to untap the transmuter, transmute the strix for itself, and for the hefty price of 1uu you gained four life, the opponent lost 4, and you can swing with your 8/9 flying glaze fiend.

Anonymous said...

Fatestitcher and Obelisk of Alara in limited play is always tech. :)

Nicholas Davis said...

Plan is to make a Sigil of the Empty Throne deck. There's some ideas floating around about a Sigil Ramp deck. Might do some of that with Sigil of the Empty Throne + Cream of the Crop action.

Nicholas Davis said...

Little Recap on Transmuter; I got to see her in action with Platinum Angel. Talk about immortal. sheezy, I had my opponent to -4 and I could NOT kill him. :-(