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Favourite MTG Set ?

The other day I was contemplating favourite cards from the most recently released sets which I had found somewhat daunting to order into a 'Top 10' list. I often problem-solve by stepping back and looking at the 'big picture' and then drill down to attempt an answer or solution.

Suffice to say, I gave up and decided instead to concentrate on my favourite set currently in standard. Again, without some quantitative metric, I fell short of a definitive answer.

As this blog is fairly big on spoilers and set reviews, I then looked at MTG-Realm Blog visitor traffic summaries (with the month-end nearest to the release date), to obtain some measure.

Conflux (February 6, 2009) - 102,424 hits
Shards of Alara (October 3, 2008) - 21,671 hits
Eventide (July 25, 2008) - 6,521 hits
Shadowmoor (May 2, 2008) - 2,969 hits
Morningtide (February 1, 2008) - 723 hits
Lorwyn (October 12, 2007) - not available

I realised that this too would be rather skewed to try to apply it to set popularity as I could not account for the difference between set hype and the increasing MTG-Realm reader base.
(Note - this blog was not alive when Lorwyn was released.)

I really do give up and let you, the loyal blog reader decide through this on-line poll. For Wizards of the Coast staff, you may vote for Alara Reborn as you should know by now all the new-card goodness in this set. Please take a moment to vote.

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