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MTG Nightmare

I am one of those who really cannot remember dreams. With the few rare exceptions which occurs perhaps once or twice a year, these ephemeral fabrications of REM sleep evaporate as I wake.

The other night was one of those very rare exceptions. Whether it was a product of odd greasy food at an inappropriate time of night (aka beer munchies) or perhaps a nibble of cheese which may have been past due, the nocturnal rememberances the other day was very vivid as if the Sandman used every colour imaginable from a palette of realism.

Anywho - it's story time and I would like to share with you this highly unusal dream.

The setting was the local gammery store and Friday Night Magic was just about to get underway and I am running a bit late. To my shock, I realise that in my haste to get my buttocks over to the store, I had forgotten to bring my usual accoutrements; dice, tokens, life counters, lucky shrunken-head, and of course my deck. A quick check with the other players I know produce a deep feeling of unease bordering on distraught knowing that I will have to ask the store owner / organiser if he has a spare deck I can borrow for the evening.

The organiser does keep a playable deck or two behind the counter for just type of occassion but as I know he hates my guts, I also know that he may have something rather horrible prepared for me. With trepidation, I ask . . .

He indicates that he does have something I can play and then starts quipping about how 'protective' he is about the deck and how I should ensure I keep the 'protective' sleeves on, blah, blah, protection. I have a look . . .

I guess you can call this MTG build the 'Proection Deck'. Increduously, I scan through the cards. Other players around me start to snicker - apparently they may have been in on the joke as well. The joke is on me and more specifically in my hand. Here is what I was holding.

Protection Deck - 61 Cards

25 Creatures
1 x Progenitus
4 x Valeron Outlander
4 x Vedalken Outlander
4 x Zombie Outlander
4 x Goblin Outlander
4 x Nacatl Outlander
4 x Nacatl Savage

12 Other Spells
4 x Agony Warp
4 x Hindering Light
4 x Mana Cylix

24 Lands
4 Plains
4 Islands
4 Swamps
4 Mountains
4 Forests
4 Ancient Ziggurat

I realise then why the organiser was trying to squeeze the word 'protection' in every sentence he was using when he handed me this 'deck of dreck'.

Progenitus - Protection from Everything
Valeron Outlander - Protection from Black
Vedalken Outlander - Protection from Red
Zombie Outlander - Protection from Green
Goblin Outlander - Protection from White
Nacatl Outlander - Protection from Blue
Nacatl Savage - Protection from Artifacts

Now as this was a dream, I played the above 61 card nastiness and did fairly well, bringing me not only to top 8 but to the final game where the deck was done in by a cloud of faerie tokens churned out with a pair of Bitterblossoms. Those who were mocking the deck and taking spiteful shots were the ones who were getting a solid beating at the game table. The joke which was intended for me was caught, sharpened to a point and then hurled back at those who had mocked the qualities of good protection.

After I woke up from this nightmare, I re-created the deck on the table and have photographed it for you. Please provide a comment on this MTG dream or perhaps share with us one you have had.


Nicholas Davis said...

...... lol. You're off the deep end, dude. Thanks for sharing, though! I totally want to recreate this and bring it to a tourney for general hilarity (new word!).

Anonymous said...

Pretty interesting idea. Did you really play this at FNM? I would be interested to see how it would really do.

I took first in our FNM last night but there were only five people and two of theme have never been at the store before and haven't played in a while. One of the new guys opened a foil Progenitus so we were all happy for him.

Anyway I think that your deck has some really interesting advantages because it will always have creatures that have protection from something that your opponents have.

This story gives the phrase dreaming up a deck a new twist.

Benjo said...

Oh man! will somebody check this deck. either online or in real life. I mean in every war ,protection is a nice edge ,isn't it?

Mark Ian said...

Wow. A deck made from a dream.... You're taking the MTG addiction to the next level. kidding.. lol.

CopySix said...

I just had a go with this build against an artifact deck with a lot of fliers . . . this deck certainly does suck unless you have an answer for fliers - otherwise not that bad.

Norm said...

Do you think you could fit in four copies of Raking Canopy. That would deal with the fliers. Although the double green might be tough to cast on turn three.

That or wait for them to re-reprint Teferi's Moat.

Rachel said...

I actually am going to build the deck.

It's definitely needs some modifications.. raking canopy would be good, and instead of the mana cylix, rupture spire would do nicely.

I'll be happy to repost the fixes made to it if it does alright. :)