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Conflux Captions

Welcome to yet another attempt at MTG humour. With this post, we hope to tickle your funny-bone with some witty and waggish Conflux captions.

Please feel free to share and post a comment with alternate captions !

Instant (common)

Aerie Mystics

Creature – Bird Wizard (uncommon)
Ethersworn Adjudicator
Artifact Creature – Vedalken Knight (Mythic Rare)
Skyward Eye Prophets
Creature – Human Wizard (uncommon)
Knotvine Mystic
Creature – Elf Druid (uncommon)
Goblin Outlander
Creature – Goblin Scout (common)
If I do not receive any rotten fruit in my eMail, perhaps I will run another set of Conflux captions.

1 comment:

foresthowl said...

hahah, open mic night. hilarious.