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Alara Reborn Speculation

Ken Nagle yattered a bit about Conflux design in today's article and provided some hints as to what we could expect with Alara Reborn from his Colour Pie / Mechanical Tree which he had provided for his Naya design team.

The birth of one world. The death of five.
Specifically, he mentioned the following 'mechanics' which were "off limits" until Alara Reborn.
Blue - Protection from blue, Islandwalk, uncounterable
Black - Protection from black, Swampwalk, Undiscardable

From this, we may extrapolate to the other colours

White -
Protection from white, Plainswalk, 'un-lifegain-able'

Protection from blue, Islandwalk, 'un-counter-able'

Protection from black, Swampwalk, 'un-discard-able'

Protection from red, Mountainwalk, 'un-haste-able'

Protection from green, Forestwalk, 'un-trample-able'

We also have the following quote from Design Team lead, Aaron Forsythe :

"After Conflux comes Alara Reborn—set three in the block—at the end of April. Alara Reborn, lead designed by yours truly and lead developed by Matt Place, has a real jaw-dropping hook that we've never done before that is sure to make the set one of the all-time memorable ones."

Really . . . I have no idea as to the 'jaw-dropping hook'. Anywho - just wondering if we can expect gold-coloured hybrids and the general mixing of abilities from the shards.

One thing which we should be expecting - Legendary Creature or Mythic Rare cards with following notables to be printed :

Lisha of the Azure, Crucius the Mad, Kemuel the Hidden One, Eliza of the Keep, Thraximundar, and Timus the Orange.

Also - I half expect the Angel Asha to return and bring with her a bag full of kick-a$$ery to remove Nicol Bolas from the plane.

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