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Kaladesh Previews 8-29

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Yesterday, WotC story guru Doug Beyer posted to his Tumblr account 'A Voice for Vorthos' about the next Magic: the Gathering set, 'Kaladesh'.  Specifically, the note was that the Kaladesh storyline was to start "soon".  Unsuspecting fans around the world, like us, were rather surprised to find a lot of content posted to the mothersite today.  We mean a "LOT" of content.  We've already posted several times to our Tumblr Blog (over here).

The sort of content which includes previews for the Plane, Places, People and Planeswalkers which are typically reserved for reveal at the annual PAX West Convention in Seattle at the 'World-Building' panel includes this sort of preview.  Instead, this morning we were greeted on the mothersite with a story, and content loaded to the Kaladesh home page, including a full biography of a new Planeswalker.  We should catalogue all these links for your convenience -

Kaladesh Story - Episode 01: Homesick  

Kaladesh Story / Planes Page
   * Legendary Creatures
   * Cities 
      - Ghirapur
      - Lathnu
      - Peema
      - Vahd
    * Races
      - Humans
      - Elves
    * Planeswalker Visitors
      - Dovin Baan (illustration by Tyler Jacobson below)
      - Chandra Nalaar

Explore Kaladesh splash page
   * Kaladesh Inventor's Fair
      - Inventors
      - Benefactors
      - Judges
      - The Public
      - Architecture
      - Aether Science
      - Weapons
      - Animal Constructs   
   * The City of Wonders
      - Eleven Bridges
      - Freejam
      - Greenwheel
      - Weldfast

'Notable Citizens' and 'Inventions' are future installments to the Kaladesh splash page.  Expecting much more to be filled in over the next few weeks as well - example - we know for certain that Vedalken is another race on Kaladesh.

For now, here are some of the basic land arts we can expect for Kaladesh.

Plain, illustrated by Clint Clearly
Island, illustrated by Yeong-Hao Han
Swamp, illustrated by James Paick

Mountain, illustrated by Eytan Zana

Forest, illustrated by Chase Stone


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