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Conspiracy 2 Kaya Spoiler

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

MTG Realm is still catching up with Magic: the Gathering news hanging over from the vacation we took last week, while at the same time scrambling to catch up with our day jobs as well.  We are presently tuning our standard constructed decklists to sleeve-up with some Ultra PRO for Eldrtich Moon Game Day for this weekend's events at our local gaming store OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario.  

Before we get to the first Conspiracy 2 spoiler, previewed on the mothersite, take a moment to catch this cool article over at Hipsters of the Coast, where Matt Jones asks the critical question of 'What if . . . Bob Ross painted the full art Unhinged Lands'?  

Righto!  Let's look at the official preview from yesterday's Magic Story, penned by one of our fav staffers Alison Luhrs, titled 'Tyrant' - 

Kaya, Ghost Assassin, 2WB
Planeswalker - Kaya, Mythic Rare

[0]: Exile Kaya, Ghost Assassin or up to one target creature. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of your next upkeep. You lose 2 life.
[-1]: Each opponent loses 2 life and you gain 2 life.
[-2]: Each opponent discards a card and you draw a card.

As suspected from last week's story when the character was first introduced, this Planeswalker is Orzhov colours of Black and White.  CMC of 4 mana for a 'Walker with 5 loyalty ain't bad at all, but how is the rest of the card?

First ability at zero blinks Kaya and a target critter.  If you target a creature with Kaya's zero ability, you choose on resolution whether to exile that creature or Kaya.  The minus one ability is similar to a Syphon Soul effect while the minus two ability is similar to a Syphon Mind ability.

For those loving the vorthos / flavour of the card, there is some very cool cleverness WotC has provided - there is no plus ability as Kaya the assassin is loyal to none, while the the other two abilities may be akin to signing (in blood) a contract with her.

Anywhoos, we strongly suggest reading this week's Magic Story article, the second in the continuation of Conspiracy.  In this short story we witness the assassination of the ghost king Brago by Kaya, the ascension of Marchesa and the reaction of Adriana, Captain of the Guard.

 Both arts by Chris Rallis

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