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Conspiracy Spoilers 8-18

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Magic: the Gathering news on tap again today is all about those Conspiracy: Take the Crown previews.  We are fans of the storyline and think Wizards has done a tip top job of creating the world of Fiora.  Yesterday's story re-introduced Daretti and as expected from the story, we have Grenzo back in the story and on a card for Conspiracy 2.

We're fired up with today's previews, so lets get to them now -

Berserk - Awesome reprint is awesome - great combat trick for pushing lethal damage through.  Everyone should fear a single untapped forest.

Dragonlair Spider - Reprint - a lot of players like this but this never really floated our boat.

Garbage Fire - What's that smell?  It's the Card from yesterday's story art.  Fun card.

Grenzo, Havoc Raiser - He'll leave the burning to the arsonist-loving minions while he pillages. Ain't too bad with some decent conditional abilities for 'goad', and a take on that 'Daxos of Meletis' ability.

Illusionary Informant - very sneaky bird will sneak a peek a what is being drafted.

Skyline Despot - Damn powerful card - delivers you the crown and the chance to puke dragon tokens to help keep that crown.

Spire Phantasm - another injection of fun during draft that may net you a card draw.

Volatile Chimera - cool card but perhaps too random for our tastes.


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