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Conspiracy Spoilers 8-17

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We were not going to post to MTG Realm today as we were all completely engaged in a new publication titled 'Cogwork Autonomy: A Comprehensive Treatise on Constructing Mechanical Life' we had recently acquired from a rather shifty-looking goblin just this morning. 

Seriously now - we suggest you make tracks over to the mothersite to read today's Magic Story titled 'Bloody Instructions', by Shawn Main and Mel Li.  Without giving away too much, former Academy member Zadrous Fimarell is visited by two familiar goblins - Daretti and Grenzo.  No 'Conspiracy 2' card previewed for Grenzo, but there has been a new Planeswalker card for Daretti you should note.  Also of note, Grenzo may yet have a part to play in the story going forward - he does hold a number of keys and there has been a falling out with the new monarch, Marchesa.  

Anywhoos, let's get to today's offering of Conspiracy: Take the Crown cards -

Burgeoning - solid one-drop green enchantment to ramp.

Confiscate Riches - a question of 'time or money' is the council's dilema.

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast - now a radkos coloured Planeswalker and all about artifact synergy.

Duskmantle Seet - reprint with shift in rarity - nice multiplayer card.

Entourage of Trest - able to deliver the crown and help defend it.

Exotic Orchard - because mana is important.

Keeper of Keys - becoming monarch is cool, having an unblockable team is even cooler.

Leovold, Emissary of Trest - Another Elf from Trest but the other side of the Edric coin.

Sanctum Prelate - human cleric with a measure of control.

Serum Visions - everybody likes card advantage and deck filtering.

Spy Kit - equipment gives +1/+1 pump and  . . . what?  Some pretty crazy 'n' cool things could happen (eternal format may want to pick this up).

Weight Advantage - conspiracy card disguised as Doran in an Assault Formation.

Wild Pair - always had been a solid card for commander players wanting to hulk aggro.


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