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Wednesday Miscellany

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Before we get into today's article, we want to take a moment for some solemn reflection as it is Remembrance Day.  A long time ago, when I was in the Forces, I had lost a buddy from my Battalion during a training exercise accident - today I will be thinking about James Palen.
Righto - back to today's Magic: the Gathering news 'n' other stuff from around the interwebs.

The latest Commander 2015 set is out this weekend.  If you are attending a Release Event at your local gaming store, do drop by the Release Notes on the mothersite, so you know exactly what those 56 new cards are capable of.  As expected, the new set was updated on Gatherer, the MTG card database, which is an invaluable tool one can use when brewing up your sick stack.  This of course will also help MTG Realm writing up the next Commander 2015 pre-con review and we can't wait to start brewing up some Commander lists.

As it is Wednesday, don't forget to drop over to Wizards to get the latest Magic: the Gathering wallpaper for your device as well as reading the newest Uncharted Realms short story (this one from Alison Luhrs featuring the new legendary creature Uncle Karlov).

Next up - the 2015 (Battle for Zendikar) Holiday Gift Box -

We've been picking up the Holiday Gift Box EVERY year it has come out - except for this year.  The gift box is a reasonable deal and in the past, we've personally paid the very close equivalent of the the booster packs contained within the product.  Sure, the storage box and dividers (during the second and third year) may have been on the flimsy side, but WoTC did make improvements.  The price this year locally is $35.  We could drive to Toronto and pick it up for $26 but the difference is eaten up by fuel costs (and time of course) by our terribly inefficient vehicle.  If you previously enjoyed out unboxing video for this product - apologies this year.  We absolutely LOVE storage solutions provided by BCW Supplies and will continue using their binders and boxes for our cards.

Pop on over to the Tolarian Community College YouTube Channel to see what the Professor has to say.  We are in complete agreement that the 'full art' lands should NOT have been shown on the back cover which may be confusing to some consumers.


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