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Commander 2015 Previews 11-05

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

To our readers in the UK and NZ, we wish you a safe Guy Fawkes day and may you have money left over for your Guy for a pint at the pub.  Please remember which end of the fireworks is the business end and have a pail of water by your fire (which given the time difference) did not appear to be the case in some some NZ neighbourhoods.  

Anywhoos, Commander 2015 previews continue to be the order of the day here at MTG Realm.  Here are the latest 'n' greatest Magic: the Gathering cards on the mothersite and the around the inter-webz.  Do pop over the the WotC site as staffer Blake Rammusen revealed about 2-dozen tokens to be used with this Commander product.

A reminder of Myriad is handy just right now as we have two more cards with this ability.  Reminder text reads 'Whenever this creature attacks, for each opponent other than defending player, you may put a token that's a copy of this creature onto the battlefield tapped and attacking that player or a planeswalker he or she controls. Exile the tokens at end of combat.'

Herald of the Host - A 4/4 flying Angel with vilgance, myriad and a 4/4 body.

Warchief Giant - A 5/3 giant warrior with haste for 3RR with a sweet Myriad tack on.

Rite of the Raging Storm - Enchantment costing 3RR is a really interesting card that produces a 5/1 elemental token named 'Lightning Rager' for EACH player at the begninning of their upkeep.  The creature token has trample, haste and a must sac clause at end step.  The beauty of this is the enchantment also does not allow any such-named tokens to attack you or a PW of yours.

Mystic Confluence - Ohmagawd, the blue confluence spell is really good.  Modal three choice, option to choose same mode more than once for 3UU to counter unless 3 is paid, to bounce or card draw. Wow.

Righteous Confluence - The white confluence is damn fine too.  Same modal choices with 2/2 knight token, enchantment exile or 5 life gain.

Thought Vessel - Decent 2-cost artifact which can tap for one colourless and bonus of no max hand size.

Arjun, the Shifting Flame - Here's the Izzet coloured legendary Sphinx we were looking forward to.  A flying 5/5 for 4UR with a deck-filter upon casting a spell - specifically, hand goes to library bottom with same number drawn from top.

Daxos's Torment - German preview.  A constellation-tech enchantment for 3B gives you a powerful 5/5 demon with flying / haste whenever you have an enchantment ETB.  Very nice!

Bloodspore Thrinax - Counter party ahoy with this 2/2 lizard with Devour 1 for just 2GG.  The lizard welcomes each other creature you cast with the same number of counters on it.

Karlov of the Ghost Council - Here's the legendary Orzhov coloured creature.  A 2/2 spirit advisor for WB that will collect two +1/+1 counters on itself whenever you gain life.  Sweet creature exile activated ability costs just a WB and a counter from Karl.

Corpse Augur - Japanese preview.  This is a 4/2 zombie vizard for 3B which, when it gets nerf'd, provides a card draw (no 'may', you must) equal to the number of critters in an chosen opponent's graveyard.  The (possible) down side is you also will lose life equal to the number of cards drawn.

Pathbreaker Ibex - late day preview from yesterday. This 3/3 goat costs 4GG that will give your entire attacking team trampl and a pump equal to the power of your largest (power) attacker.

Synthetic Destiny - another one from yesterday.  An instant for 4UU which will exile all your creatures and put that many creatures from your library top straight onto the battlefield.  Nice.

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