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Commander 2015 Previews 11-04

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Here in Canada-Land, the Honorable Justin Trudeau was sworn in as Prime Minister at Rideau Hall.  There has been no mention yet of the creation of a Federal Ministry of Magic, nor corresponding appointment of a cabinet portfolio for this.  We can only hope - in the meantime, we should get to all the new Magic: the Gathering Commander 2015 cards previewed today.

Scourge of Nel Toth - 5BB for a flying 6/6 dragon with a nice activated recursion ability coupled with an alternate sac outlet if your tech requires this.

Aethersnatch - Japanese Big Magic preview.  You may be paying a hefty cost of 4UU for this instant but the payoff could be game-changing as it basically steals your opponent's spell off the stack.

Meren of Clan Nel Toth - Here is the legendary golgari coloured legendary we were anticipating.  This human shaman has a 3/4 body for 2BG which collects you an experience counter whenever a critter of yours hits the yard.  This goes OP with the second ability at EOT returning dead creatures to hand or battlefield depending upon your experience counters. 

Grasp of Fate - 1WW Enchantment O-Ring for multiplayer.  Exiling one non-land permanent from EACH of your opponents is decent.

Meteor Volley - French Journal du Geek preview.  An XRRR socery that will burn 4 to X number of creatures AND / or players.  Damn good.

Arachnogenesis - A 2G 'spider / fog' instant.  Matching your opponents alpha swing with an equal number of 1/2 reach spiders while negating all combat damage by non-spiders is sweet.

Great Oak Guardian - A 4/5 Treefolk for 5G gives you a flash wood with reach and an interesting untap and +2/+2 pump to creatures target player controls.  Great for your team or an ally at your multiplayer table.

Anya, Merciless Angel - Legendary Boros angel can delivery a late-game beating.  A 4/4 flyer fro 3RW has conditional +3/+3 pump for EACH opponent with half of their starting life as well as indestructible.

Magus of the Wheel - Interesting 3/3 Human Wizard for 2R with an activated ability which can reset ever player's hand with a discard and 7-draw.

Mizzix's Mastery - A red sorcery with overload.  For 3R you can recover an instant / sorcery from your yard and replay it for free.  Overload for 5RRR can lead to a quick win.

Mirror Match - This is a 4UU instant you can cast during the declare blockers step that will replicate a token army of your opponent's attacking team.


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