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The Art of Innistrad

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

You may recall from our MTG Realm Tumblr post (linky over here) of the news that came out of PAX Seattle - the announcement of a hardcover book 'The Art of Magic: the Gathering: Zendikar' (Amazon linky here), which in fact will be hitting book shelves on or about 5th January 2016.

Well, the big news out this afternoon is that VIZ Media of San Francisco has hashed out a another deal with Wizards of the Coast to produce and publish yet another MTG art book - this time, we are traveling to Innistrad for the Summer of 2016.  Which, given the time frame, will be coming just after the release of the next Magic: the Gathering set 'Shadows over Innistrad', but perhaps before the second follow-up set to this.  Anywhoos, here is the book cover image and the announcement -

VIZ Media and Wizards of the Coast have jointly announced the expansion of the Magic: The Gathering® publishing catalog with the addition of a second art book to the collection.

Set for release in Summer 2016, THE ART OF MAGIC: THE GATHERING – INNISTRAD will feature full color illustrations showcasing the mysteries of Innistrad – its peoples, provinces, and monsters.

In THE ART OF MAGIC: THE GATHERING – INNISTRAD, terror falls from the skies on blood-spattered wings and nameless horrors lurk in the shadows.

These pages, lavishly illustrated with the award-winning art of Magic: The Gathering, are your entry into a world beset by terrible evils on all sides and betrayed by the hope it held most dear.

Tread lightly as you follow the heroic Planeswalkers of the Gatewatch as they investigate these dark mysteries.

Whether you are MTG gamer who enjoys playing or a fan of the storyline, we think that all certainly enjoys the stunning artwork that WotC endeavours to produce in each set.  In summary, we are most excited to see more of this book and would be thrilled to see this on our coffee table.  :) 

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