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Khans of Tarkir Release Promo

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Last evening there was some rather cool Magic: the Gathering news regarding the upcoming fall set.  It appears (all unofficial of course) that Redditor joshandrews snapped a pic of the September Friday Night Magic Poster quite possibly at his local store, The Games Den in Surry Hills, North Sydney, Australia.  

Among the usual contents on the poster (if your local gaming store still gets these) such as that month's FNM promo, dates and what not was a nearly microscopic image of an upcoming Khans of Tarkir card.  The uncropped image appears to have '19' cut off, likely the September 19th FNM event and the number beside the Khans of Tarkir card certainly appears be '26',  in all liklihood the 26 September, the release date for this set.  All-in-all it looks to us here at MTG Realm that this is our FNM KTK Release Promo card.

Anywhoos, Let's have a looky-loo - 

Dragon Throne of Tarkir, 4

Legendary Artifact - Equipment, Rare

Equipped creature has defender and “{2}, {T}: Other creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is this creature’s power.”

Equip {3}

What once soared high above Tarkir is now reduced to a seat.

219/269 - Daarken


If we had a dollar for every pixel in the cropped image, we'd likely have almost a buck.  We cannot really appreciate the illustration from Daarken.  We think it just might be the Mardu Clan leader Khan Zurgo Helmsmasher himself creatively employing a dragon's skeleton for a throne.  As for the card, we do not think that this is over-costed at all.  This has a very repeatable Overrun effect similar to that of Kessig Wolf Run.  That card did smash and won games.  We should think that the the weak chink in the game's armour here is getting this equipment on to the right creature - preferably one with indestructible such as one of the Theros Gods who for the most part also provide a decent power level - the issue here is that it would only work when that legendary enchantment creature is currently online as a creature.  There are not a lot of independent (without the use of another spell) creatures with indestuctible, so we might just need to settle for something less than ideal, and that of course is the designed balance in this card.  This will certainly be going on Khans of Tarkir pre-order list to MTG Mint Card.

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