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FTV Annihilation Follow-Up

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We wanted to follow-up yesterday's post on the soon to be released From the Vault: Annihilation product from Wizards of the Coast which has stirred up some excitement from Magic: the Gathering players and collectors.  We want to take you back, waaay back about 3 months ago on 30th April when MTG Realm first posted about a rumour circulating about FTV: Annihilation.  It all started with a post on Reddit from 'thegreatpablo' who had indicated he had received from a friend two images of the back of the product box.  Here's the image (joined) now -

Essentially the back of the box provides an image of all the cards / contents along with a flavour text blurb.  Shortly after the post, the MTG fan community for a variety of reasons had decried that the image was disingenuous.  MTG Realm provided cautionary remarks on the original post and immediately updated the post after the general consensus of fake was passed . . . the humour of it was - it wasn't.

All the card images shown on the back of the original image proved true when WotC staffer previewed the product in yesterday's post on the mothersite -  

From the Vault: Annihilation CARDS
• Armageddon (new art)
• Burning of Xinye
• Cataclysm (new art)
• Child of Alara
• Decree of Annihilation
• Firespout (new art)
• Fracturing Gust
• Living Death (new art)
• Martial Coup
• Rolling Earthquake
• Smokestack (new art)
• Terminus
• Upheavel
• Virtue's Ruin
• Wrath of God (new art)  

This FTV set looks good - MTG Mint Card has carried singles from previous From the Vault sets and hopefully may do with this one.

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