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Theros Event Decklists

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We simply cannot wait until our MTG Mint Card pre-orders are shipped so we can start brewing up builds and start gaming at OMG! Games (Barrie, Ontario) Friday Night Magic events.  For this particular Friday, we'll likely stick to a Return to Ravnica block deck with a few singletons of Theros we've picked up from the PreRelease event.

Speaking of events, Theros Game Day is scheduled for the weekend of October 19th / 20th and the Theros Event Deck will be going on sale that Friday giving gamers an opportunity to take it for a spin.   Unlike the preconstructed Intro Decks, which Wizards of the Coast develops with newer players to Magic in mind, event decks are built with with a focus given to tournament-play competitive players.  We now have the final decklist today over on the mothersite, so let's have a look.

Anywhoos, for an MRSP of approximately $25 (depending upon where you may be), here's what you get . . .
• 1 x 60-card deck
• 1 x 15-card sideboard
• 1 x Spindown   life counter
• 1 x strategy insert
• 1 x card box

Theros Event Deck - 'Inspiring Heroics' (U/W)
24 lands : 4  Azorius Guildgate, 1  Hallowed Fountain, 5  Island, 14  Plains

25 creatures : 2  Ascended Lawmage, 2  Banisher Priest, 3  Battlewise Hoplite, 3  Dryad Militant, 1  Fabled Hero, 1  Frontline Medic, 3  Hopeful Eidolon, 2  Imposing Sovereign, 1  Lavinia of the Tenth, 3  Lyev Skyknight, 1  New Prahv Guildmage, 1  Precinct Captain, 1  Skymark Roc, 1  Soldier of the Pantheon

11 other spells : 2  Dauntless Onslaught, 2  Detention Sphere, 2  Gods Willing, 1  Ordeal of Heliod, 2  Ordeal of Thassa, 2  Pacifism

15 sideboard cards : 2  Arrest, 2  Gainsay, 2  Gift of Orzhova, 2  Glare of Heresy, 2  Negate, 3  Solemn Offering, 2  Triton Tactics


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