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Two Million Visits

Hey ya folks,

We just realised that MTG Realm had surpassed it's 2-million visitor mark.

Remember when we ran that CONTEST for the 1-millionth visitor - year - it just seems like last year . . . in fact it was last year (sometime in September we think).

Anywhoos - we were planning a contest for the 2-millionth visitor and just totally gapped it in the heat of the Scars of Mirrodin spoiler 'n' preview season. As we are already approaching 2,100,000 visitors soon, we need a new plan as we already have the swag to give away.

magnusmagicus on twitter suggested we provide the Magic the Gathering swag to the 2,222,222th visitor which kind of appeals to us. The contest would be open to any blog reader residing in continental USA and Canada (I hope a fellow Canadian wins) and they would need to prove with a screen-cap or another method that they landed on the page as the
2,222,222th visitor.

As there may be a handful of MTG Realm fans hitting the mark all at the same time, we would need to provide a second and third prize as well just to be fair.

Again, this is still up in the air but here is what we need . . .
  1. Your opinion / thoughts on the best contest (use the comments below), and
  2. Sponsors to throw in some additional prizes.
- More to come.


1 comment:

mtgcards_be said...

And what with your overseas readers?

Idea for a contest = Bring the most original idea to spent a complete post about Scars of Mirrodin...