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World's 2009 - Rome

Although this is a casual Magic the Gathering blog and we are casual magic players, we still feel it important that casual players know there is a thing called the Pro-Tour circuit . . . . yep - there are guys and gals who travel the world to play our favourite game. At these organised tournaments, winner's receive money (always a good thing), including other prizes such as the latest kewlest gadgets (like a 120 gB iPod !).

Anywhoos - this weekend (19 - 22 November), a great gathering of mtg players will converge in the beatiful city of Rome, Italy (aka World's Rome) to battle to determine who has what it takes to be a world champion.

Following - a handy LINK to the World's 2009 Schedule for Rome . .

Remember - You don't have to be a Pro to take in and enjoy World's 2009 in Rome, you could be casual schmucks like us and participate in some of the excellent public events being offered.

The event is open to the public, and Wizards of the Coast invites gaming fans of all types and skill levels to step into the arena, experience the World Championship’s festivities and help commemorate Magic’s best of the best. Onsite attractions include VIP Richard Garfield (the famed creator of Magic), public events, Magic learn-to-play sessions, Magic Online and Duels of the Planeswalkers on Xbox LIVE Arcade demos.

Many events open to the public features prizes such as paid airfare and hotels to all 2010 Pro Tours, pieces of Power 9, foil versions of every card legal in Standard, iPods, digital camcorders, uncut foil card sheets, and much more. The biggest Magic weekend of the year kicks off in style Wednesday afternoon with 8-person single-elimination events from 14:00 to 20:00, with all drafts just € 5 and free Constructed events! Make sure you check out the above schedule to see when events go down.

Some events of interest for casual (non-competitive) players . . .
* Super Friday Night Magic – All players receive a FNM foil card. More FNM foil cards for top players.
* Standard-format Open Dueling – Bring your Standard deck and play against other players. Every 5 games played wins you a booster.
* "Wacky Drafts" – booster drafts using a random assortment of boosters from Magic sets present and past.
* EDH – Bring your EDH deck and battle against other generals!
* Planechase – walk the planes of the Multiverse in this new Magic product.
* Game Shows – Thursday and Saturday night will feature Magic Trivia for great prizes.
* Urza Saga, Onslaught, and Invasion Block Sealed Deck Tournaments!

Players playing in the World Championships must have a signed waiver and consent form in order to compete at the World Championships. Link HERE, and consent / release form HERE.

Make sure you also find an internet connection to watch the 2009 World Championships Top 8 Webcast which is scheduled for Nov. 22 at 3:45 a.m. ET - link HERE.

Finally, we want to wish everyone to is heading to Rome, a safe trip there and back and of course - have a blast.

Please provide any updates you have via Twitter to this hashtag : #MTGRoad2Rome

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