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You may recall the time when you were a kid when you may have decided to make a new path to shortcut across a field with absolute disregard to the convenient path that already existed. You would tramp the grass down, and would wear through several pairs of sneakers by strategically dragging your feet on said new path for days. You then spoke with everyone you knew and begged them to use your new path.

Perhaps not - maybe it was just us.

Anyway, this is somewhat analogous to creating a new hashtag (#___ ) on Twitter. If you are a knuckl-dragger, let us explain. Hashtags help to organize the published updates ("tweets") on Twitter into user-defined groupings around one general topic, making the conversation easy to read and follow.

Recently, a discussion was struck up within the Magic the Gathering Community on Twitter regarding what one would name a restaurant or business using the bastardized name of a Magic card (If there were a Magic themed restaurant what kind of food would it serve? #mtg). Some very witty and waggish names were bandied about until our buddy Trick Jarrett of ManaNation decided to create a new hashtag . . . "#mtgbiz" (Alright, let's hash tag this craziness. Use #mtgbiz for Magic business names.)

Trick did not need to hold the grass down for long for the new path as it were. Soon everyone was partaking in a subject very near and dear to many mtg player's hearts - humour. Let's have a look . . .

The one we created and of course my fav . . .
#mtgbiz Weird Harvest Produce Company

others -
jm2032 : Hell's Caretaker's Nursing Home.
mihaibirsan : Mind Funeral Services
Pascal3000 : Kitchen Finks' Kitchen Things
Wedgehead123 : Journey to Nowhere Airlines
allanhowls : Mishra's Robotics
burgessm : Ashling's Extinguishers!

Check out the rest of 'em HERE.

Also of Note . .
It's November the 5th ! Happy Guy Fawkes Day !

It has been a long time since the Gunpowder plot went down back in 1605 but the
the Yeomen of the Guard still searches the cellars of the Houses of Parliament before the annual State Opening . . . . w0w - talk about sensitive !

Remember, remember
the Fifth of November,

The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,

I know of no reason

Why the Gunpowder Treason

Should ever be forgot.

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes,
t'was his intent

To blow up the King and Parli'ment.

Three-score barrels of powder below

To prove old England's overthrow . . .


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