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Top Zendikar Draft Picks

Good Day my Peeps !

Yet another day that I am glad to be above ground and blogging about Magic the Gathering. Today, we wish to discuss some interesting news about top picks for Zendikar draft. As you may know, through the magic of the computer, administrators / system operators over at Magic On-Line are able to record, tabulate and summarize vast volumes of data generated during the thousands of games which take place every day. With this sea of data, the system monkeys then analyze and scrutinize to identify trends and player preferences. Why? We hope that they would use this for good and not evil (inserting evil Vincent Price cackle here).

Anywhoos - the latest information shared is of interest. It is the top 10 first picks made by 8-4 winners for Triple

Zendikar drafts. Boils and Ghouls - here is the list:

1. Hideous End

2. Burst Lightning
3. Vampire Nighthawk
4. Journey to Nowhere
5. Marsh Casualties
6. Disfigure
7. Plated Geopede
8. Trusty Machete
9. Malakir Bloodwitch
10. Kor Skyfisher

Now onto some lively discussion regarding this list . . .

You may have noticed . . . why no Green or Blue cards ? Perhaps just that these two colours are better in the constructed environment and lacks what is needed in a drafting environment. Green is certainly robust but may be considered lacking power and presence in the early game where most of the critical plays are being made in draft. Blue is difficult to draft as this is where this colour shines in card combos and synergy - something that is never guaranteed in draft.

A quick glance at the list confirms what makes good draft choices - a lot of instants or sorcery aimed at removal or delivering pain to your opponent. It is of interest that Vampire Nighthawk edged out Journey to Nowhere. Having said that, Nighthawk does not only have lifelink but can be used as a removal with legs with his deathtouch.

Trusty Machete is a given - it is good in any colour and is not really that expensive. Picking up a Machete does not limit any of your choices latter on.

Plated Geopede is also a very decent choice - good mana economics and the single red in the cost will still allow many to splash this colour and still have this first striker on the team.

I am scratching my head with the choice of Malakir Bloodwitch. Don't get me wrong - this is a most excellent card - 5 mana for a 4/4 flier with pro-white is not bad at all. The last ability may or may not make too much of a difference in the draft but at the very least, it will separate your life totals by two (you gain one, opponent looses one).

As I have drafted only once and am dedicated to the casual game, I would very much like to hear about this choices from the more experienced draft player to get their opinion on this list - so drop us a line.

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