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Eventide Booster Spoiler

From the look at the Eventide Booster Pack preview posted today at Wizards, it appears that the prediction of enemy hybrid is confirmed.

The rare provided in this sample Eventide booster pack visual spoiler was Overbeing of Myth / Creature - Spirit Avatar

Overbeing of Myth's power and toughness are each equal to the number of cards in your hand. / At the beginning of your draw step, draw a card.

The other 14 commons and uncommons provided in this sample booster pack is as follows:
Cinder Pyromancer (C), Snakeform (C), Dream Thief (C), Desecrater Hag (C), Hoof Skulkin (C), Aerie Ouphes (C), Kithkin Zealot (C), Nettle Sentinal (C), Insie Out (C), Drain the Well (C), Double Cleave (C), Soul Sniffers (U), Voracious Hatchling (U), and Unwilling Recruit (U).

Following are my prognostication of what these new cards may be - - based on absolutely nothing but my 'hunch' suspicion. Please click on each image to enlarge in order to better see my baseless and uniformed blathering.

Until next time spoiler nutters, Happy & Safe gaming.

1 comment:

JamesR404 said...

I think the Snakeform will just be a sort of "turn a creature into a token" kind of thing.

Just look at the artwork :P

Anyway, it's fun to speculate. I'm really curious to open my first booster at a draft orso!