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Eventide Art Spoiler 2

As promised in yesterday's post, I have for you some more Eventide-set art spoilers . . . Let's get to it.
The first (Bloom Tender), was brought to my attention from Norm over at Casual Magic, who had received a promotional eMail (prerelease announcement) from WoTC. I nested this spoiled card on top of of the spoiled art image found over at MTG Salvation. I believe that Wizards intend to have the Bloom Tender Art serve as a puzzle when the Eventide mini-site is up and running.
Bloom Tender - Tap this 1/1/ Elf Druid - for EACH colour among permanents you control, add one mana of that colour to your mana pool.
What a great card in a variety of different decks . . . this card may even find a home in those very interesting decks running Horde of Notions and Reaper King.
Following are wild, baseless speculations as to the cards expected from these very wonderful pieces of art.

To the left is a creature that perhaps just walked out of David Cronenberg's malfunctioning telepod. What walked in may have been a dragon, a treefolk and a scarecrow. (I see a joke somewhere in here).
To the right appears some spirit avatar in the same vein as Ghastlord of Fugue or Oversoul of Dusk.

We have already seen this gimpy imp on the cover of the 'Sidestep' Eventide Theme deck. As for the critter on the right, it bears a familiar resemblance to Cemetery Puca, the only shapeshifter still hanging around in Shadowmoor.

Both creatures here are yelling . . . but for very different reasons I should think. The fellas on the left appear to be subterranean Kithkin. I'm thinking some twist on H.G. Wells' Morlocks (Time Machine). Perhaps this is a natural movement for the xenophobic Shadowmoor Kithkin. As for the unfortunate Kithkin on the right, it looks like 7-years of bad luck. I am seeing perhaps some relation to Mirrorweave here.

The left-side image appears to be a very minute peck from Willow. The peck is riding a retarded moth. . . . sorry - your guess is as good as mine. The fiery fellow on the right is Cinder Pyromancer and the artwork suggests another enemy-hybrid card.

Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming everyone.


Anonymous said...

I didn't receive a promotion as much as got the prerelease announcement via email. Which is a promotion. I believe anyone can sign up with Wizards to receive email announcements about MTG.

CopySix said...

Should read: ". . .eceived a promotional eMail from WoTC."