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Eventide Theme Decks

Wizards spoiled the Eventide Theme Decks today.
Edit - Theme Deck contents provided 6/03/2008 .

Eventide previews begin June 30th on
First off, its a bit weird seeing the 'enemy-hybrid' here. I am sure I will get used to . . . change is good.
Just remember - 'Bend like the reed in the wind Grasshopper'.
Secondly, the names assigned to these pre-constructed theme decks just seems lees cool than those we have seen in the past. I wonder if WOTC would feel comfortable allowing a contest to name these decks . . .

Life Drain - White / Black
He who lives the longest gets the last laugh. Drain your enemy's life total down to nothing while you keep your own comfortably high. Meanwhile you'll lay down the law, punishing any creatures your opponent makes the mistake of putting in your way.
This pre-constructed theme deck sounds like another good control deck. The creature featured here appears goblin-like and somewhat reminiscent of the two lovely ladies on the Disturbing Plot sorcery. This is the new creature (type?) called Gwyllion.

Sidestep - Blue / Red
What's wrong with a little mischief, as long as you never get caught? Your creatures are some of the most slippery and sneaky around. They'll get in and out like cat burglars, while you set up tricks and traps to befuddle your enemies.
Am I missing something here . . or perhaps should I say - is that creature missing something. Somewhat goblin-like in appearance with only one leg and one arm. Anywho - sounds like an interesting pre-con.

Death March - Black / Green
Send your creatures on the attack, or use them to feed a colossal monster of doom. It won't matter whether your creatures are in play or in the graveyard. The power of black-green hybrid means that life and death are playthings for your amusement.
This pre-con definitely smells like it has a solid recursion. The Elemental creature featured on the pack looks like it would make a dentist very happy.

Battle Blitz - White / Red
You'll start with a classic rush strategy: flood the board with ferocious fighters as fast as you can. Then the big guns kick in. A barrage of burn clears the way for your army, and then a rapid-fire blitz of tricky tap-untap combinations clinches the victory.
The creature here appears to one of the two featured on the Shadowmoor sorcery card Mine Excavation. I rather like the hint of the mechanics promised in this theme deck.

Superabundance - Blue / Green
Start this deck's engine, and you'll go from zero to unstoppable in seconds. With each spell you cast, you'll trigger more and more rewards—bigger creatures, more tokens, better cards—and set yourself up to reap even more rewards the next turn.
The creature featured on this pre-con appears to be merfolk in need of a hair saloon. The description provided sounds very typical for blue (spells) and green (big critters).

Until next time, Happy & Safe Gaming.


Anonymous said...

The Sidestep and Death March decks look they feature changeling creatures for sure.

I agree the names are a bit hokey.

Anonymous said...

I say that the "creature" on the front of "Life drain" looks a lot like the little creatures smashing the harp on "Gleeful Sabotage"