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Commander 2017 Tribes

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Some interesting news out today regarding the upcoming Commander 2017 products.  

Although this has been purported to have been published in print, although perhaps with an issue conflicting with official preview timing, we should still consider this as unofficial until posted to the Wizards of the Coast Magic: the Gathering website.

According to the information published in the magazine "Card Gamer" on Page 91, published by Hobby Japan which released today (July 31, 2017), the four tribal decks of Magic: the Gathering Commander 2017 based on tribes are as follows -

• 5 Color Dragons

• Selesnya (WG) Cats

• Mardu (WBR) Vampires

• Grixis (UBR) Wizards

Here is the blurb within the magazine which was reported to appear in the magazine (in Japanese obviously).  We do know a little conversational / spoken Japanese, but am unable to read / write in the 3 alphabets, so should there be a reader to assist, please post in the comments below.

Commander (2017 Edition) on August 25, 2017, and features four new tribal-themed, 4 new Commanders, 10 double-faced tokens, 100-card ready-to-play decks including 56 all-new Magic card.


Dausuul said...

Bit disappointed with this, I have to admit. I love the idea of tribal commanders, but why couldn't they focus on tribes that didn't *have* good commanders? You can already build strong tribal decks around dragons (Scion of the Ur-Dragon) or wizards (Azami, Lady of Scrolls). Half the set is giving us something we already have.

There are certain tribes that work well in Commander: Zombies, goblins, dragons, wizards, and elves are the ones that come to mind. Most others suffer from some combination of "not enough good creatures in the tribe" and "no good commanders that care about the tribe." I wish every deck in this set had expanded that list. Or at least 3/4 of them (a dragon deck was probably inevitable).

Good deal on the cats and vampires, though. I'm eager to see Edgar Markov.

Unknown said...