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Hour of Devastation Standard

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

The newest Magic: the Gathering set, Hour of Devastation is ready to be released tomorrow, right on time for the first opportunity to game with this new set legally in Friday Night Magic.  MTG Realm will be at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario with a few tweaks to our existing decklists but nothing new just yet, until we've had an opportunity to discuss the merits of new deck ideas.  

Always a source of inspiration when a new set comes out, the Hareruya Pros have once again gathered and produced yet another great set of 'HareruyaWayfinder' decklist suggestions.  Let these lists inspire you to create your own monster to unleash upon your local gaming store.

• BG Zombies, Tomoharu Saito
Updated Amonkhet Zombies decklist with new Driven // Despair B/G split 'Aftermath' card and new Afflict beater Ammit Eternal.

• Hour of Eternity, Pierre Dagen
Green, Blue, splashing White has tons of draw, filter, and self-mill to deliver a zombie army punchline.

• RG Ramp, Martin Muller
Early game threat removal consideration followed by a generous number of ramp spells to land Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger for the win.

• UW Control, Lukas Blohon
Largely ported from previous iterations of blue white control, with the new addition of board-wiper Hour of Revelation.

• Crested Sunmare, Yoshihiko Ikawa
Black / White good-stuff with Walking Ballista and Aethersphere harvester, with a full punch of four Crested Sunmare to take advantage of a number of life-gain cards in this build.

• Temur Reason/Believe Ramp, Oliver Polak-Rottmann
Red / Green / Blue with your fav energy producers.  Full deck-set of new Aftermath card Reason // Believe to 'cheat' Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger onto the battlefield.

• UR Mill, Kenta Harane
Self-explanatory tech employing new cards Fraying Sanity to mill and Hour of Devastation to keep the board clear.

• RW Deserts Aggro, Michael Bonde
Odd but interesting port from the previous season's Red / Whhite Human tribal build.  New sauce includes decksets of Earthshaker Khenra and Ramunap Ruins with a singleton of Shefet Dunes.

• WB Midrange, Jeremy Dezani
Exactly as the name indicates, with a total of 10 Planeswalkers (Gids, Lili, and single Sorin).  New tech tutor Djeru, With Eyes Open looks for the Walkers, Sunscourge Champion chumps, and three copies of board wiper Hour of Revelation.

• UR Control, Petr Sochurek
Essentially the major active ingredients of the previous control decklist (Torrential Gearhulk and friends) with the addition of Supreme Will (an 'auto-include') and red board-wiper Hour of Devastation.

• Turbo Nicol, Kenji Tsumura
Green / Red / splash Blue with a suite of choice mana accelerators with Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh at the end of the tunnel.

• UR Emerge, Riku Kumagai
Standard Emerge tech to open up an early Elder Deep-Fiend, Wretched Gryff, etc.  New spice added includes Strategic Planning and Champion of Wits.

• God-Pharaoh's Gift, Atsushi Ito

New Blue / Red / Splash Black list using a deck-set of the previous set's Gate to the Afterlife to delivery a singleton of God-Pharaoh's Gift.  The new Striped Riverwinder and the previous set's Curator of Mysteries gets cycled lickety-split to become seeds for hasty zombies.


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