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Hour of Devastation Story

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

As it is Wednesday, we have been treated to another Magic: the Gathering Story for the newest set, Hour of Devastation.  Today's Magic Story is from Wizards of the Coast staffer Michael Yichao and titled 'Endure'.  It has been a fantastic run so far and there is only one more story to go before this set's storyline has wrapped up.  

The last story is undoubtedly be called "The Hour of Devastation", should be rely upon the rather cool Story Spotlight cards.  Below, the beautiful card illustration from Simon Dominic provides a sneak peak at what we can anticipate.  Pretty much the Gatewatch - Gideon, Jace, Liliana, Chandra, and Nissa being defeated by Nicol Bolas.  No story spoilers presented here - but - for those who have purchased 'The Art of Magic: The Gathering—Amonkhet', you already know the final outcome.

For today's post on MTG Realm, we want to summarize the Hour of Devastation story posts to date and certainly are waiting with great anticipation for the last story next week.

The second sun has settled between the horns on the horizon, and the Gates to the Afterlife open to reveal the promised paradise on the other side.   "And thus the sun reached its zenith behind the horns of the God-Pharaoh, and the promised Hours began. And the last of the people of Amonkhet fell to their knees, and there was much gnashing of teeth for fear of what was coming in the world, and wailing from babes and children, and the gods did mark the moment with solemnity, all as foretold."

Liliana battles the demon Razaketh. She will stop at nothing to secure her freedom.  Great flavour here - "And so the Hour of Revelation broke upon the land, and the promised time arrived when all questions would be answered. And lo, the Gate to the Afterlife opened, and from behind its gleaming walls, the true visage of the coming tide poured forth."

The Hour of Glory was to be the moment where the gods proved their worth to the God-Pharaoh. Instead, three forgotten gods appear, their purpose ominous and unknown.  "And as the Luxa, the lifeblood of Naktamun, turned to the foul blood of the great shadow Razaketh, the Hours turned to that of Glory—the promised time when the gods themselves would prove their worth before the God-Pharaoh."  

While the Scorpion God hunts down each god one by one, the Locust God unleashes a deadly swarm, devouring the magical Hekma barrier protecting Naktamun. Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, refuses to sit by while her city falls.  "And lo, the three dark divinities returned, and as they felled the gods, the Hour of Promise arrived. And so the great locust god fulfilled the great promise, and thus the Hekma was torn asunder, its protections cast aside before the return of the God-Pharaoh."

Bontu reveals her true ambitions, even as the city of Naktamun crumbles. Hazoret, God of Zeal, hesitates, torn between her loyalty to the God-Pharaoh and the mortals under her care.  Three gods have fallen since the Gate to the Afterlife opened to reveal unimaginable horrors. Only Hazoret the Fervent and Bontu the Glorified remain to protect the mortals on Amonkhet. But will they be able to hold against the onslaught until the God-Pharaoh returns to protect his people?

Nicol Bolas is immeasurably old, incomprehensibly wise, and driven towards only one goal: the reclamation of his old power.  The God-Pharaoh has returned, and the five Hours have arrived as foretold. The Hours of Revelation, Glory, and Promise unleashed disaster upon Naktamun, and now the Hour of Eternity brings an unimaginably personal terror to the city's denizens.

Faced with the murder of their beloved gods, the mortals of Amonkhet struggle to survive the destruction of their world.  "The world crumbled beneath the heel of the mighty God-Pharaoh, and an unnamed hour dawned as the blood red sun drowned the land in crimson. And thus, the Hour of Devastation reigned, and, the God-Pharaoh completed his great plan, leaving behind ruin while darkness consumed and unmade the entirety of the city."

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