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The End of the Gatewatch

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

The last and final Magic Story chapter is being published to the Wizards of the coast site tomorrow (Wednesday 26 July, 2017) but we certainly can speculate what happens, without relying on the story arc in book 'The Art of Magic: The Gathering - Amonkhet'.  To this end, let us have a closer inspection of the brilliant San Diego Comic Con Planeswalker card art which is borrowed from this lovely mural by artist Vincent Proce -

• Jace - engages in a mental battle with Nicol Bolas, as we can see from the 'brain waves' emmanating from Jace against the Bolas horns.  From the small cartouche on Jace's right we see that he does not fare well.

• Liliana - interesting that we see her 'crowned' with the horns of Nicol Bolas.  The illustration immediately to her right shows what perhaps is her pledging loyalty to Nicol Bolas and given command of the dead against an unknown opponent.

• Nissa - This one is mysterious.  Sand is cascading from holes in the wall in this mural.  Nissa is holding her staff but also holding what may be Oketra's arrow.  There is nothing else here which suggests an outcome other than the Bolas horns above her suggesting she may have been bested as well.

• Chandra - She is the only Planeswalker facing left or what is supposedly away from Nicol Bolas.  This may indicate that her attention is focused on her commrades in trouble.  No Bolas horns here showing subjugation.

• Gideon - This panel seems to be unfinished as there is an absence of any glyph above or to his right.  It appears his blessing of invulnerability has been re-imagined as a cartouche.  The rock wall is cracked through this illustration perhaps suggesting his fate.

• Nicol Bolas - Shown very busy here finishing the mural of his vicotry over the Gatewatch beside Gideon.  Remember that victory is written (or is re-written) by the victor.


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