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C17 Edgar Markov

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

The next Magic: the Gathering set, Commander 2017, based on four tribes, releases at the end of this month - August 25.  Official Wizards of the Coast previews will start next week.  

Today, Alison Luhrs, the narrative designer for WotC sat down with fellow staffer Blake Rasmussen in the first of four podcasts which are replacing written stories are all about the Vampires.   Please pop on over to this link to have a listen.  

Commander 2017 Ultra PRO products available soon

The big news out is that Edgar Markov (the first Vampire of Innistrad, and Sorin’s father) has been confirmed.  A week or so ago, Wizards updated the Commander 2017 product page with some lovely arts and many had suspected the below image to be that of Edgar or that of Runo Stromkirk, progenitor of the Stromkirk vampires of Innistrad.


Edgar Markov is the founder of the Markov bloodline, and the very first vampire of Innistrad. Thousands of years ago he was an aging human alchemist, experimenting with ways to achieve agelessness for himself and his only grandson, Sorin. When famine was sweeping the land, the demon Shilgengar convinced Edgar to start experiments with blood. Markov and his sons trapped the angel Marycz in his laboratory and exsanguinated her, preparing a decoction from her blood and created a ritual which caused his subjects to feed on the blood of other beings.

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