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Happy Friday MTG peeps,

MTG Realm will be going off line for about two weeks for a vacation (the first time we've ever had a vacation this long).  We will pop back up on the Magic: the Gathering radar again briefly next weekend for a post on the Ten-Millionth DIC / WPN events at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario Charity event with special guests from Wizards of the Coast, before going dark again for another week.

For now, here is a brief round-up of all MTG things which caught our attention -

Hasbro - Investor Presentation
Some interesting Magic: the Gathering images from the slide presentation to Hasbro Investors, as presented by Christian Cocks, SVP & GM, Wizards of the Coast.  Of interest, they had pulled some media bites from hyped MTG fans.  A more detailed post is here on MTG Realm on Tumblr.  Lets have a looky-loo at some highlights - 

Of interest is that the image used for Dominaria looks suspiciously like that of Serra's Realm, another Plane of Existence altogether . . .

Another item of interest are those really cool HASCON Magic: the Gathering Promo Cards (linkage here).  It appears that Ultra PRO is producing 4 exclusive and limited playmats featuring those arts.  Pick them up at the Ultra PRO booth at HASCON 2017.

That's a wrap for now, be happy and see you soon.

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